Moze (CoV) Specialist Build

I’ll be updating this later. I’ve mentioned before about a great CoV build that uses the Linoge and the Chad. I’ve been busy at work so I’ll try to put in a video later. And since the official skill tree is down, i’ll upload that later.


The current Build. The first few points in Demo Woman, can be moved around to meet your Iron bear/Auto Bear needs. I rarely use him and mostly just use the activation of Some for the Road. Short Fuse and Mind Sweeper constantly proc on this gun.

Alternative Build for use with a Bloodletter and Deathless. High bullet damage, but requires you to be good with the Big Boom Blaster. Selfless Vengeance will also always be up for a constant 15% buff.


Linoge (Picture)

The Linoge comes in three elements. Incendiary, Corrosive, and Radiation. Try to get one in each element.

  The Linoge is a literal bullet hose. With a decent rate of fire (8+) a x3 or x4 variant, and increased rate of fire and ricochet on action skill end, this gun will waste your ammo supply with constant use.
  As Moze, we can mitigate that two ways. Some for the Road will not produce any heat for the gun, which means you can burn down anything remarkably fast. The second way is with the next gun.

The Hangin’ Chad

  This gun in mainly used for ammo regeneration, but can put out decent damage to kill smaller enemies while you regeneration. With the Short Fuse / Mind Sweeper build, you will have 10% ammo regeneration on a critical hit. The regeneration skills use magazine size to scale the regeneration. CoV is unique because shots to overheat is used instead. For the Hangin’ Chad this is 999. CoV also will never stop regenerating guns until the entire ammo pool is full, since there is no actual magazine.


Big Boom Blaster

  The Big Boom Blaster has a 60% chance on hit to drop a charge that will restore 60% of shield and give one grenade.



  The Hex is still one of the best grenades with the Mindsweeper + Pull the Holy Pin. The constant critical hits will also proc Redistribution.

Storm Front

  Good option if the Hex is unavailable. Doesn’t hit critical hits as often.

Class Mod:

Mind Sweeper

Skills Boosted: Redistribution, Fire in the Skag Den, Torgue Cross-Promotion
  Critical hits have a 25% chance to drop a mini grenade. With the Linoge, being a x4 bullet hose this procs very often.


Elemental Projector

Victory Rush

Otto Idol

Pending changes in upcoming patch


nice. i loved both the linoge and skeksil with mindsweeper.

i’m curious though, with the new com and class changes thursday if mindsweeper will still be the right choice for a CoV build.

Partially why I left it open for update this Thursday. From what I hear though it takes 13 seconds to get up do max buff and it wipes out on reload. So it wouldn’t be that great unfortunately.

Ehh you got it done, I kept checking while it said not to reply haha.

That 1pt in click click (first link) makes me wish we had a higher level cap, or that the skill was lower in the tree.

I wish we had video of this. I saw the reddit post, but I just feel like that can’t be right. I wonder how he went about testing it. I hope it’s a miscalculation and it’s something like 5 seconds max, otherwise it will be pretty useless.

Just about done. I still want to make a short video of gameplay. I’ll also update the skills and why I chose them and how they interact later.

i guess it depends on if there’s changes to matched set and what changes with click-click as well.

do you think theres a world where the max buff is good enough that the chadd just ends up being the right option, with a shock skeksil for shield downing?

What COM stats are optimal for CoV weapons?

weapon dmg, CoV crit, and likely something defensive

In a build like this that doesn’t rely on multiple gun types, +Pistol damage is the best damage passive. Unlike weapon damage which adds to SOR, Pistol damage is multiplicative to everything Moze has.

Wait, so specific weapon type stats are multiplicative or only for Moze? Do also you know if manufacturer specific weapon damage is additive or multiplicative? I’ve been skipping them?

Specific weapon type stats are multiplicative to nearly everything. Personal space on Amara is I believe the only exception to this.

Additive, they’re just straight bad.

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I thought only Jakob’s, Dahl, and Atlas could roll crit damage.

Was actually thinking of doing something like this myself. Wanted to hear your thoughts on using the ARs or Launchers in this build if you have tested them at all.

The damage rolls are ubiquitous.

Hyperion too; found a zane mod with jacobs dahl n hyperion 45% crit
In this case w/ mindsweeper,
pistol, + splash/aoe/grenade would be more useful

How is Selfless Vengeance always up if there’s a 5 second duration?

Linoge overheats in 5 seconds