Moze defeats WOTAN on Mayhem 4 with a Purple Mod

I’ve been using this loadout to farm bosses on M4, so I decided to test it on Wotan.

The results were good, i accomplished my goal.
This was my second try cause i had some points spected in Thin Red Line and Vampyr wasn’t healing me enough, so I did some changes.

This is less my build and more the quickies and some for the road doing all the work but hey I did it with a purple mod and more impressive with my awful gaming skills.

I show the build and gear at the end of the video.

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This is part of your build, so don’t discredit yourself. Nothing to be ashamed of when using a strong weapon and skill synergy that isn’t exploiting. Also as you mentioned you even had to modify the build to make it work so it’s not all just the weapon.

I didn’t witness any awful gaming skills imo. There are a lot of ways you could have failed doing this but you didn’t, you won.

One tip I can give you is do not ignore the Badass Commando Soldiers they are just as dangerous as Strikers as they do massive damage very quickly and appeared to be what put you down the majority of the time.


Thanks, yeah the quickies are just so awesome combined with some for the road, I tested them with 0 skills and the same purple mod on Katagawa’s ball and it metl the entire first armour or shield bar, I dont remember which one comes first.

And I should mention that I changed I few pieces of gear to complete the earlier parts of the map, I did it with a kinetic flakker, bloodletter and a deathless relic.

Thanks again, in some parts I missed some shots and IMO I got downed to many times for my taste.

I’ll take notes of this, those are the red cloaked guys right? I was just trying to focus on Wotan because in the previous fight I tried to kill as many adds as I could but the more time I spent killing them the more would spawn.
Thanks for the feedback.


Yeah it’s the best plan. I personally only kill these Badass Commandos and Strikers as they are both super deadly.

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