Moze & Devil's Foursum

Since the patch I am randomly getting one shot just by firing the Devil’s Foursum. I’m guessing it’s from Torgue Cross Promotion but I’ve never been insta-killed by it before.

Splashdamage radius… That or it explodes in your face…

It’s fun on Zane :joy:

For Moze, get a shock element and slap on a transformer :wink:

Not sure if it works with a red suit and radiation.

On Moze I can still drop due to bonus fire damage. It’s not worth respeccing out of FITSD and fire damage to use this weapon for me. YMMV.

If you can get a COM with +Torgue Projectile speed then you can keep Skag Den and safely use even the max radius 691 Foursum without going down. Think you can even have AOE on relic too as long as no points in TCP

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I think I’m noticing a difference because they buffed the splash radius.

Will that work for that damn Maliwan Sniper that just flat kills me every time I shoot it on Moze….

Complex Root….

Is there such a com/perk for Maliwan?

What can make this gun which is VERY powerful work on Moze….without downing me?

Only Transformer?

Torgue is the only one that gets +Projectile speed on COMs.

For Root I believe as long as you don’t have any +splash radius boosts or points in TCP skill you should be good. You could have AOE on relic as long as it’s in the first/top slot but the bottom 2 slots add radius so that will down you. AOE on company man adds radius no matter which slot it’s in so maybe a Victory Rush or some other relic would be a better option.


Have you got evidence AOE on the company man adds radius? Also, are you saying AOE on other artifacts only adds damage unless it’s in a certain spot? I’ve heard rumours if it’s in the third slot it does something extra.

@Fnq1974 It used to be that AOE in the first slot on any artifact added only splash damage and not splash radius IIRC. AOE in second or third passive slot added both splash and splash radius. I feel like they patched this though, so that order didn’t affect it and it always adds radius and splash. This is why AOE is so desirable on an artifact.

But maybe I am wrong on this, I have not been paying a ton of attention to patches and hotfixes in the last 6 months. .


It would be great to know the latest as I am one of the people who thinks a company man is better than a pearl. If AOE adds radius the in my opinion it is. I just have gotten around to checking it myself.

Here’s video where i try to do test

The splash damage (Area of Effect) is constant whether in perk slot 1, 2, or 3 of a normal Artifact


If the perk is in slot 2 or 3

You get increased Splash Damage Radius

How much of an increase I have no clue and I got this straight from Lootleman:

“If Area-of-Effect Damage appears in the 2nd or 3rd Stat Slot it adds a hidden Splash Radius Stat.”

I assume The Company Man is no different but hey, it’s Borderlands……

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Awesome thanks for that!!

Been away for a while since it’s still stuttering on my console, but this is a great tip.