MOZE - Drowning in brass

The skill don’t seem to grand any buff, am I the only one? Or is it an invisible buff?

Cant remember the description of it. Is it the criticle hit get ammo back? I know the capstone doesnt always work. It will add ammo up to about 2 missing from mag. Seems to happen only on slow firing weapons

Works for me, definitely see buff icon with 3 stacks max.

Ok, just read discrition. It works for me. You should see an icon come up under your ex bar. As time runs out it slowly goes away.

For me it doesnt seem to good. Enemys run for cover so damn fast its hard to keep up. But if your trying to get down that tree its 1 point well spent. Most bosses have mobs that get in your face, skill works well there.

Im running bottomless mags tree to the bottom working down sor tree as well. Got a com that buffs fire in skag den, which i have no points in but still works, and com has health regen.
Right now i am manly using a green atlas q system. 2 bullets for the cost of one. Aim for crits and she destroys everyone. You can clear maps and never reload.

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It took quitting the game et relaunching to fix the skill.

So yeah, it work

Nice. I sometimes half to do that. Happens to me on follow npc quests. They just stop and repeat the same line. Restsart gets them moving.