MOZE FAQs - A list of random information about Moze

MOZE FAQ’s - A List of Random Information About Moze

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Glossary of Frequently Used Moze Terms

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  • ASE - Action Skill End.

  • ASS - Action Skill Start - unfortunate acronym

  • AoE - Area of Effect (same as splash).

  • BBB and BoS - Gear - BBB is Big Boom Blaster. BoS is Band of Sitorak.

  • CDT and CDR - CDT- Cooldown Time. CDR- Cooldown Rate.

  • Com - Class Mod.

  • Crit - Critical hit.

  • Deathless - Artifact that reserves all health except 1hp, and increases shields by 100%.

  • Dots - Damage Over Time (or Status Effects).

  • Health Gate - When you have +50% remaining health, you cannot be killed in a single enemy attack. Self Damage and explosive barrels can still kill you in a single hit. Reserving health beyond 50% can impact survivability because of this mechanic.

  • Loaded Dice - Artifact that substantially increases luck, while reducing health by 75%.

  • N2M - Next 2 Mags refers to the anointment that gives a bonus to the next 2 magazines, usually referring to the Gunner specific 124% Fire bonus.

  • Micro Grenades - Grenades dropped while hitting critical hits with the Mind Sweeper mod.

  • MoD vs mod - Means of Destruction (skill) vs Class Mod.

  • Reserve - Health reserve, not to be confused with reducing health. Reserving maintains max health but does not allow you to heal past the amount unreserved. Important for Iron Bear Armor and Health Gating.

  • Respec - (Re-Specialize) Resetting skill points at a New-U station.

  • Stickies - Usually associated with Torgue guns, they stick and can be detonated on reload, weapon swap, or bullet mode switch.

  • Sticky Bombs - The White Elephant Artifact has a Sticky Bomb effect when you melee an enemy, or use the Face Puncher gun.

Known Exploits/Bugs

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  • Topped Off can be stacked by respeccing with a shield equipped, creating a faster Cooldown.

  • FIXED DLC2 UpdateStainless Steel Bear currently increases Cooldown Time by a small amount on early exit builds.

  • Depleted bonuses on shields can be stacked, but only if your shield is broken entirely in a single hit. If it takes multiple hits the depleted bonus stack will reset. This is most prevalent with the Band of Sitorak shield because of its very small capacity and quick recharge rate / delay.

  • Green Monster can get the full splash damage benefit of Blast Master (you read that right). The condition required is firing your gun a single time and not shooting it again or swapping weapons. This will allow Iron Bear and grenades to gain the the splash boost indefinitely.

Last Updated April 19, 2020


1. Is Dead Lines or Stainless Steel Bear better for Iron Bear Duration?

Stainless Steel increases max fuel, and Dead Lines decreases fuel usage for weapons. Both will have nearly the same impact, with Dead Lines edging out Stainless Steel if you are constantly firing. Stainless Steel will edge out Dead Lines if you aren’t firing much because the fuel is on a timer. Each skill will give about 18% to 22% more time in Iron Bear, however if you combine both you get a multiplicative synergy and gain roughly 50% duration.

Furthermore it’s worth noting Dead Lines returns fuel every enemy killed for even more duration

2. Scorching RPM’s vs. Experimental Munitions. Which will boost Pull the Holy Pin crits more?

Experimental Munitions will because Scorching RPM’s will give no bonus to grenade crits. Critical damage increases have no effect on Pull the Holy Pin. Experimental Munitions damage is not based on critical damage, it is merely 15% bonus fire damage applied whenever a critical hit is scored regardless of the source.

3. Why are Forge and Redistribution not regenerating ammo?

You have a maximum amount of ammo you can carry, split between your magazine and your reserve. Moze’s ammo regeneration skills place ammo directly into her magazine. If you pick up ammo from the ground while your magazine isn’t full it will fill your reserve and soft cap your magazine size because you reached total ammo capacity. You have to reload to get your full magazine capacity back to normal.

4. How do I regenerate Heavy Ammo quicker?

Forge regenerates Heavy Ammo slower than regular ammo. However, Means of Destruction can help boost Heavy Ammo regen. Also with 2 points in Redistribution and a mag size of 34 or greater, you can regenerate Heavy Ammo with crits consistently. However there are few Heavy weapons that can be boosted to 34+ mag size. The Ion Cannon and purple Vladof launchers with Micro Rockets can achieve this. You cannot have greater than 36 ammo in a Heavy magazine because the SDU is capped. However you can increase it beyond that to gain quicker regeneration (this applies to all magazine size based regen).

5. Click Click doesn’t make sense in the Bottomless Mags Tree. How are you supposed to use this skill?

There are several methods to utilize Click Click. The most popular being a large magazine gun that either slowly or doesn’t drain ammo with constant firing. Stand beside a vending machine and fire your gun until it’s as low as you can and still maintain firing it without needing to reload, then purchase ammo to prevent it regenerating. You will have a permanent damage boost as long as you don’t reload. If you can’t get the weapon to initially drain, try unequipping any gear with bonus mag size and putting it back on after buying ammo.

Some other popular methods you can look into is maintaining zero ammo (mag and reserve) in heavy weapons, and simply just making sure your mag size is small enough that the regen is outpaced by the fire rate of your weapon.

6. Why can’t I find Green Monster with +3 Click Click?

Currently it appears Green Monster will not drop with +2 or +3 Click Click. This is likely a bug.

7. If I have to choose, should I go with Grizzled or Explosive Punctuation?

If you have the Guardian Perk Topped Off, both of these skills have reduced effectiveness. All cooldown rate increasing skills and gear are very noticeably diminished while Topped Off is active. As far as I know, this applies to all 4 Vault Hunters. A quick recharge rate shield is undeniably more effective at reducing cooldown time significantly better than every other cooldown buff combined as long as you can avoid damage for a few seconds. However Grizzled suffers less diminishing returns as other cooldown rate increases, therefore Grizzled should be considered in builds reducing cooldown time. Explosive Punctuation is a sub-par skill and is very situation, I don’t recommend it unless you don’t have any gear with cooldown rate increases.

Stacking multiple pieces of gear with cooldown rate increases can moderately reduce cooldown time, but stacking too much will be basically pointless. I recommend a Class Mod or artifact, a shield with the Gunner specific 30% increased rate on kills (this can stack nicely with a weapon of the same anointment), and Grizzled. Any more than that with Topped Off can only save a second or two.

Note: Explosive Punctuation has been updated from 5% to 8% per point. However this does not really assist the skill much at all, Grizzled still significantly outperforms it.

For detailed information and calculations regarding Moze’s cooldown read the guide linked here

8. Is Thin Red Line only useful with Desperate Measures? Should I use the Deathless artifact?

Thin Red Line has great synergy with Desperate Measures. However putting more than 2 points in the skill can remove Health Gate, allowing you to go into FFYL in a single hit no matter how large your shield. For this reason in end game content, it’s suggested to remain above 50% health to keep Health Gate. Because Vampyr heals based on missing health, the last 20% to 40% of your health bar refills much slower than the first half, creating great synergy with Thin Red Line. Putting 1 or 2 points in Thin Red Line can significantly boost lower capacity shields without much detriment. It will also give 3/3 Desperate Measures a minimum moderate boost of 20%. be aware of enemy damage-over-time attacks if your shield breaks though.

Furthermore, sacrificing Health Gate will make Tenacious Defense, Re-Charger shields, and Stop Gap shields not function properly. The Last Stand artifact will not work as intended, instead you will receive 5 seconds of invulnerability every 40 seconds.

9. Why doesn’t Means of Destruction work for me?

There appears to be a bug with MoD on PS4, and most grenades do not proc the skill while on PC they do.

10. How long does the Blast Master splash boost take to activate, and will it only increase if I’m firing?

The 100% splash damage boost on the Blast Master class mod is entirely time based, no shooting required. It takes roughly 50 seconds to be at 100% and you can start the timer the second you load into the game or equip the mod. It is reset on the beginning of the reload animation, so if you run your mag dry and cancel the reload, it will already have been reset.

Certain guns can work well as back-up weapons with Blast Master. For example, the Faisor under-barrel shotgun deals high elemental splash damage, and when the magazine reaches zero there’s no reload to worry about. It automatically switches back to primary fire-mode and you can just switch to a different weapon, when you switch back after a few moments the under-barrel shotgun ammo will have regenerated.

11. How do I give Iron Bear more armor?

Moze’s max health is directly tied to iron Bear’s Armor. Any boosts to her health can significantly increase the mech’s durability. Gear and skills that reserve health do not have an effect on Iron Bear’s armor (Thin Red Line, Deathless Artifact, Front Loader), while gear that reduces Moze’s max health will also reduce the mech’s armor (Turtle shields, Loaded Dice). Increasing Moze’s max health will then in turn increase Security Bear capacity as well. Utilizing the Topped Off guardian perk and the shield anointment that increases shield and health by 75% for 25 seconds, it is possible to hop out early and back in before the 25 seconds runs out to give Iron Bear a huge pool of armor. This works exceptionally well with Security Bear.

12. I’m having trouble staying alive with Moze, is there anyway to increase her survivabilty other than Vampyr?

Moze has major sustain issues on her own, but certain gear can help alleviate this. Of course there’s the Transformer Shock healing method. There’s also the Big Boom Blaster which is great for Moze, especially true if using grenades to proc Vampyr. Another method is to use the Double Downer Shield if you have the Resilient guardian perk unlocked. The Double Downer greatly increases FFYL duration, and the Resilient perk will completely refill health and shield on second wind. This works excellent if you aren’t afraid to go into FFYL.

The Sapper class mod adds lifesteal to Moze’s weapons and is easily the best survival route Moze currently has. Be aware you will sacrifice a lot of damage output with this mod.

13. What skills increase Iron Bear’s Damage?

Scorching RPM’s, Stainless Steel Bear, Desperate Measures, Drowning in Brass, Phalanx Doctrine, Stoke the Embers, Fire in the Skag Den, Cloud of Lead, Experimental Munitions and Specialist Bear. Note that Drowning in Brass and Phalanx Doctrine currently only apply to Iron Bear’s left arm, and you have to get the kills while in the mech. Specialist Bear for a single point will increase the damage of RPM, SSB, and DM by 60%.

Specialist Bear also increases the damage done by Auto Bear. The only other way to increase Auto Bear’s damage is through Splash boosts from Blast Master, Green Monster, and Class Mod splash/ Artifact AoE bonus stats.

For further information explaining Iron Bear’s damage, this is an excellent resource

14. What skills are best to regenerate ammo with Moze?

Forge is great for simple ammo regen. However you may find redistribution sufficient to avoid spending so many points to reach the cap stone. If your class mod has +1 Redistribution, having +2 in the skill can increase ammo regen beyond Forge alone. It is recommended to max Pull the Holy pin and use a suitable grenade to constantly proc Redistribution with this method. Combining +2 redistribution with Forge can essentially give you unlimited ammo for as long as you can hold the trigger with most medium magazine size guns.

15. Are Stoke the Embers and Fire in the Skag Den much different, or is one better than the other?

Fire in the Skag Den 5/5 does 15% of splash damage as bonus fire damage. Stoke the Embers increases all fire damage Moze deals by 30%. Both skills work well together. Stoke the Embers in general will give a larger damage boost, however if you aren’t using a fire weapon it will not boost any damage. Stoke the Embers also boosts Selfless Vengeance, Cloud of Lead, and Experimental Munitions. Essentially Fire in the Skag Den adds fire damage, while Stoke the Embers increases damage from other sources (fire only). Keep in mind if you’re Transformer shock healing, Fire in the Skag Den may cause problems.

16. Why does my Atlas gun magazine size keep changing?

If you’re switching between regular rounds and tracker rounds with an Atlas weapon and you’re using Matched set to increase magazine size, when you switch back to regular rounds your magazine decreases as if you weren’t using Matched Set. Likely a bug. If you’re utilizing Click Click it can give you an instant damage boost, though situational it can be effective with guns that have a mag size that lasts longer than the tracker round is applied for.

17. What grenade is the most effective for proccing redistribution and Vampyr, and where can I find it?

The Cloning Maddening Tracker is a purple rarity grenade that has the most explosions for any homing grenade currently in the game. Other grenades are useful as well, however the CMT will proc these skills the most with the least amount of effort. They can be dropped from any enemy, but the easiest way to obtain one is farming vending machines. Find a machine that is close to a save point (eg. Graveward), hit up the machine and look out for Atlas grenades. If you don’t find it simply quit to main menu and try again.

18. If I find a mod with +5 Cloud of Lead, won’t I have unlimited Ammo?

No. The ammo discount effect stops at every 4th shot, only the minor fire damage on the 4th shot will increase.

19. Why isn’t Vladof Ingenuity increasing my shield capacity by the amount the skill states?

Vladof Ingenuity considers your base shield capacity and adds the percent on that. Bonus stats on relics and class mods do not count. The Front Loader shield also does not count. Note Thin Red Line does count toward base shield, therefore benefiting from Vladof Ingenuity.

For more information on Moze’s health/shield calculations and interactions here’s an informative post

20. What does the handling increase with Scrappy mean?

Increased handling is improved recoil control. Note it does not increase accuracy or hip fire spread.

21. Is Force Feedback worth speccing into Shield of Retribution for?

Force Feedback is entirely overshadowed by the guardian perk Shield Reboot as it is essentially the same but without the required critical hit to kill the enemy. Even without the guardian perk unlocked the skill still under performs as damage-over-time attacks can interfere. On top of it already being difficult to do consistently, your shield will stop regenerating with any damage you take. This skill should probably be skipped in most cases even if you are already specced into Shield of Retribution.

22. Why does my 1hp build have such a slow shield recharge?

This could be caused by 2 factors. The first could be if you’re using a Bloodletter class mod. It significantly reduces shield rechage rate and increases shield recharge delay. Generally speccing into Vampyr will eliminate the need to rely on shield recharge in this case.

The second factor could be because currently the guardian perk Emergency Response is not working properly. It is supposed to increase shield recharge rate the lower your health is, but it increases it by a small amount the more health you’re missing. -This has been fixed.

23. Why is Vampyr not working? Why is Vampyr hardly working with Bloodletter?

If Vampyr is not working, chances are you have a Bloodletter class mod on, and that will heal shields, not health.

If Vampyr is hardly healing your shields while you’re using a Bloodletter, this is likely because you aren’t using a low hit point build. If you try to keep Health Gate (over 50% health) with a Bloodletter, you will run into issues as you only heal your shields based on missing health, not based on missing shields.

24. If I use a class mod with +1 Some for the Road and put a point in the skill, will I get 10 seconds of unlimited ammo? If I stack Some for the Road with the gun anointment Unlimited Ammo for 5 Seconds After Exiting Iron Bear, will I get 10 seconds of unlimited ammo?

No, putting a second point into Some for the Road increases the time for unlimited ammo from 5 seconds to 6 seconds. The gun anointment that allows unlimited ammo on Iron Bear exit does not stack with Some for the Road.

25. Is Unlimited Ammo for 5 Seconds After Exiting Iron Bear anointment the best anointment for Launchers?

This anointment cannot roll on launchers. This could be a bug since release, or it could be intentional. There are many other suitable anointments for launchers to use with Moze. 125% Bonus Splash Damage works well with Some for the Road, however the Gunner specific 160% Bonus Splash Damage After Exiting Iron Bear is a much better option because it not only does more damage, it has a much longer duration. For maximum Damage increase while using a Blast Master class mod only the +100% Gun Damage on Action Skill End anointment may give you more damage than any other anointment because Blast Master already increases splash so much. Because gun damage is multiplicative to splash damage you may get better results, adding further splash damage will only be additive to the splash damage already included with Blast Master.

26. Why does exiting Iron Bear increase my shield capacity for a few seconds if I’m not using the +75% bonus shield and health anointment?

Moze’s gun anointment 160% Bonus Splash Damage After Exiting Iron Bear for some reason temporarily increases your shield capacity significantly. Why? I don’t know. Note it increases your shield by 75% and it stacks with the shield anointment that increases shield and health by 75%.

27. What Iron Bear weapons proc Vampyr?

Any of Iron Bear’s weapons that deal splash damage will proc Vampyr. These include Exploding Bullets, Molten Roar, Sabot Rounds, Wild Swing, and all weapons in the Demolition Woman tree.

28. How do I speed up the recharge delay on Security Bear?

There is no way to decrease the delay on Security Bear. If you remember the initial charge being quicker (PC) it was changed and is now the same as on consoles (5 seconds after pressing the Action Skill button).

29. What's the difference between artifact and class mod gun damage boosts?

There are 3 types of gun damage boosts on relics and class mods, and there’s also splash/AoE boosts. Generic gun damage, Manufacturer specific boosts (eg. Vladof, Atlas etc) , and Gun Type boosts (eg. SMG, Assault Rifle). Generic and Manufacturer specific damage boosts are additive to each other (Normal Hit), while Gun Type boosts (Special Multipliers) and Splash/AoE boosts (Splash) are multiplicative to (Normal Hit).

Gun Damage = (Normal Hit x Splash x Special Multipliers x Critical Damage x Guardian Rank x Elemental Multiplier)

You generally want to go for multiplicative boosts when possible, in this case Gun Type (Special Multipliers) and Splash boosts.

Click here to learn what Additive and Multiplicative actually mean

For more information and further understanding see this post

30. What are all the gear anointments specific for Moze?

Weapon Anointments

a) When entering and exiting Iron Bear, create a nova that deals 37380 damage. (lvl57)

b) After exiting Iron Bear, the next 2 magazines will have 10% increased fire rate and 20% critical damage.

c) After exiting Iron Bear, the next 2 magazines will have 125% bonus incendiary damage.

d) After exiting Iron Bear, gain 160% increased Splash damage for 18 seconds.

e) While Auto Bear is active, deals 75% bonus incendiary damage.

f) After exiting Iron Bear, the next 3 magazines will have 33% increased reload speed and 67% increased handling.

g) After exiting Iron Bear, do not consume ammo for 5 seconds.

h) While Auto Bear is active, constantly regenerate 8% of magazine size per second.

i) After exiting Iron Bear, kills increase Iron Bear’s cooldown rate by 30%.

Grenade Anointments

a) While Iron Bear is active, taking damage has 20% chance to spawn a grenade.

Shield Anointments

a) After exiting Iron Bear, gain 75% increased shields and health for 25 seconds.

b) After exiting Iron Bear, kills increase Iron Bear’s cooldown rate by 30%.

31. Does the splash boost from Blast Master work with Iron Bear?

Yes! It applies to all splash weapons Iron Bear has. Also note reloading Iron Bear’s weapons does NOT restart the boost.

32. Which Iron Bear weapons work best with Auto Bear?

To keep the answer concise, any guns that require a reload animation generally don’t work well with Auto Bear (eg Rocket Pods without an augment). He tends to reload after every shot. The Miniguns, especially the Explosive Minigun, work really well because he will fire them continuously until they need to cooldown. The Railguns work really well, Auto Bear is great at hitting crits with them. The Melee augments, and the Flamethrower augments work, however they are generally a bad choice because Auto Bear cannot move to close the distance.

33. What's the point in using Full Can of Whoop Ass if my shield charges inside Iron Bear anyway?

Full Can of Whoop Ass is an exceptional skill for some builds. If you plan on jumping out of Iron Bear instantly or shortly after to proc anointments or take cover behind Security Bear, Full Can will not only have your shield charged within seconds, it continues to charge while you take damage. The full duration is 7 seconds from Action Skill Start. This really helps to keep Topped Off proccing to get another Iron Bear quickly, or to fully charge your Stop-gap shield.

This also can help any shield refill to guarantee another Tenacious Defense proc when your shield breaks.

34. If I'm specced into the Shield of Retribution tree, I should always take Phalanx Doctrine right?

Generally it is a great skill, especially combined with Drowning in Brass. However certain shields like the Stop-gap and any slow recharge rate shields with While-Shields-Are-Full bonuses can have a negative impact from Phalanx. Because it increases shields, it may cause you to have a harder time achieving the bonuses associated with certain shields.

35. When I use the Mind Sweeper com, sometimes enemies are killed almost instantly, what's going on?

Mind Sweeper has 25% chance to drop a micro grenade. Sometimes those micro grenades can proc a 2nd one if you have points invested in Pull the Holy Pin. This can happen multiple times in a row with each doing exponentially higher damage. After a few you will see damage numbers in the millions.

It’s also worth noting that the element of the micro grenade will match with the damage that procced it, meaning you will get even more damage if you match the element to the enemy’s weakness. For more info on maximizing micro grenade damage see Question 44 of the FAQ’s

36. Why am I healing when I use the Mind Sweeper com, it doesn't state anything on the mod card?

If you have points specced into Vampyr and you proc micro grenades with Mind Sweeper, you will be healed from the micro grenades. This can be used to supplement throwing grenades to become tankier

37. How does the Face Puncher and Knife Drain work with the Bloodletter com?

Combining the Face Puncher and a Knife Drain allows for healing from shots with the gun. It works as expected with the effects of the Bloodletter mod, allowing you to heal your shields by firing unlike any other Vault Hunter.

Be aware of the potent sound effect involved with the Face Puncher and Knife Drain though, it’s very annoying.

38. I have a Marksman com that adds 1 point to Experimental Munitions, when I put a point into the skill and have 2/1, it doesn't do anything?

This is just a text bug, it does in fact increase the damage from 15% to 30%.

39. Is there anyway to increase the Dakka Bear turret's Damage and Utility?

Yes, there are a few ways. If Moze is equipped with a Mind Sweeper com, anyone riding Dakka will proc the micro grenades. These will increase damage. If Moze has Vampyr, the micro grenades will heal Iron Bear’s armor. If Moze has Deadlines, Dakka kills will refund fuel.

Green Monster works if Moze has it equipped as well. Note it only works if you proc it with your gun at least once before using Dakka Bear.

If Moze is holding the Unforgiven, it will apply the bonus crit damage to Dakka Bear. This may be considered exploiting the critical damage mechanics of the game though. Note it must be Moze holding it, not your co-op partner that is controlling the turret.

Link to fun Dakka video in comments

40. Torgue guns seem like they would be great on Moze, but how can I detonate Stickies without reloading while using the Blast Master com? Can Torgue Stickies crit to proc Mind Sweeper micro grenades?

Torgue Stickies can be excellent on Moze. You do not need to reload to trigget them to explode. You can simply switch fire mode, or swap weapons to detonate them. This is the best way to use the Alchemist with Blast Master as well.

If you’re using Mind Sweeper most Torgue stickies will crit on contact and on detonation. The Alchemist is an exception, it does not have the ability to crit on contact, however it’s a great gun to use with Mind Sweeper

41. How much ammo does Means of Destruction regenerate?

When Means of Destruction procs, it will regenerate 1 ammo. It should not be heavily relied on as a way of keeping your ammo topped up, it’s far more useful for regenerating grenades. At 3/3 it has a 10% chance to proc and return a single bullet into your magazine.

42. Is there a way to speed up the animation when you enter Iron Bear?

Yes. If you press the action skill button while in the air the animation will be much quicker than if you press it while standing on the ground.

43. Do any of Moze's skills increase the amount of damage Short Fuse does?

Yes! But it won’t be the one’s you expect. Skills that increase Iron Bear’s damage will increase the amount of damage Short Fuse does. These include Scorching RPM’s and Stainless Steel Bear. Specialist Bear does not increase Short Fuse damage. Note that Iron Bear does not proc Short Fuse, oddly these skills increase Moze’s Short Fuse damage on foot.

Link to the current Moze Meta build guide that utilizes this interaction

44. How do I maximize the damage a micro grenade does while using Mind Sweeper?

As mentioned in Question 29 of the FAQ’s certain damage types are multiplicative to each other. Mind Sweeper, being based off the hit that procs it, allows you to double dip the multipliers with initial contact and micro nade detonation. Furthermore as mentioned in Question 35 of the FAQ’s, because the element that procs the micro grenade matches the damage that procs it you effectively double dip on that as well. Maximizing splash and elemental damage will greatly increase Mind Sweeper micro grenade damage. If you’re chaining micro grenades with Pull the Holy Pin, grenade damage bonus stats will have a significant effect.

45. I never carry a launcher, is there really any point in using Some for the Road?

Absolutely! Some for the Road is great for launchers to clear rooms or chip away shields quickly, however many other guns can greatly benefit. Guns like the Hell Walker, The Flood, and Scoville have high fire rates with relatively low magazine size or high ammo consumption. These guns are able to fire extremely quickly though and are only held back by reloads and extreme ammo consumption. Generally these guns have a very respectable DPS and Some for the Road can take full advantage of that.

46. Can only automatic guns with really large magazines make use of Green Monster?

Not exactly. Any gun that you hold to charge and release to fire can take advantage of Green Monster. The Ion Cannon is a great example. While you hold the trigger Green Monster begins to ramp up the same as if you were firing a gun.

47. Why isn't my Rocketeer mod working?

Don’t forget you still need to put a point into Auto Bear.

Note there is also a bug with co-op, if you are not the host you may find Rocketeer does not extend Auto Bear’s duration.

48. Can White Elephant sticky bombs proc Mind Sweeper micro grenades?

Yes. this will be far easier to do using a Face Puncher. The Face Puncher counts bullets as melee attacks. Although the gun cannot directly hit crits with Moze, the sticky bombs from White Elephant can crit on detonation and in turn proc micro grenades with Mind Sweeper. The micro grenades produced from sticky bombs have the benefit of not causing self-damage as well.

49. Why does the It's Piss grenade set me on fire, doesn't it clear status effects?

You likely have Fire in the Skag Den on, which still procs with It’s Piss

50. Does the grenade anointment while Iron Bear is active, taking damage has a 20% chance to spawn a grenade work?

There is a bug with this. For some people it seems to work, for some it works sporadically, for some it will proc one time, and for others it will not work at all. In most cases switching the grenade or unequipping it and re-equipping it allows it to work again, however as it is a bug there is no solid fix for everyone

Note the grenades that Iron Bear drops with this annointment are free-of-charge

51. Whenever I pilot Iron Bear I seem to sustain too much damage, especially from missile strikes or AoE attacks. What can be done to avoid these?

You can avoid taking a lot of sustained damage in Iron Bear with its built-in double jump feature. By clicking the jump button 2 times rapidly while simultaneously pointing the direction you’d like to go, you can perform a very effective dodge. This makes it much easier to avoid taking damage, especially from AoE attacks and elemental puddles while piloting Iron Bear. Note this is also useful for traveling quickly in the mech.

52. What's the difference between AoE damage and Splash damage on Artifacts and Class Mods?

There is no difference between Area of Effect (AoE) and Splash damage boosts. Both refer to an increase in splash damage and are calculated the same. It’s merely just a different term they chose to use. However AoE also increases splash radius as well as damage, while splash boosts require a separate radius boost.

53. I found a non-splash gun with the 160% splash damage increase anointment, does it add splash to my gun?

No. The anointment does not add any splash damage to a gun that does not already have it. The anointment adds 160% increased splash to Moze. Therefore any other splash she does will receive the bonus. This includes things like grenades, Short Fuse, and Auto Bear. However, there are likely much better anointments to use on your gun in most circumstances.

If we assume it’s your only anointment for that gun, you can still make use of it. Using a Mind Sweeper Class Mod is probably the best way as the Micro Grenades will get the bonus splash damage.

54. Can Iron Bear move faster?

Yes, if you quickly press the jump button twice while pointing in the direction you’d like to travel, you will do a boosted double jump. As explained in number 51 of this FAQ; This is great for maneuvering, dodging enemy attacks, and travelling much faster

55. How does the Consecutive Hits anointment work, and how can I stack quicker?

The Consecutive Hits anointment, as well as the Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge artifact, don’t actually require you to hit every shot. It’s based on a timer whether or not the next shot will proc it. What this means is you can miss multiple shots as long as you hit enough quickly it will still stack.

Consecutive Hits stacks can be maintained with DoT effects and other sources of damage from your character. By throwing grenades or using elemental effects you will be able to keep your stacks up whether or not you’re actually hitting an enemy with bullets, however only damage from your weapon will continue stacking.

Another important note about Consecutive Hits is that Bonus Projectiles can allow very rapid stacking. Ways of producing Bonus Projectiles with Moze is discussed in #56 of the FAQ.

56. What are Bonus Projectiles and how can Moze create them?

Bonus Projectiles are exactly what they sound like. When you fire your weapon an extra projectile will hit the enemy. There are multiple guns in the game that can produce them (whether the weapon card lists them or not) and Moze has a few skills that can produce them.

Moze’s skills that produce Bonus Projectiles include: Fire in the Skag Den, Cloud of Lead, Sefless Vengeance, and Experimental Munitions. Moze can also use Green Monster, and “Next 2 Magazines” elemental anointment.

Note: “10 seconds of Elemental Damage on Action Skill End” anointment also produces Bonus Projectiles.

57. Why do I see so many builds only putting one point into Fire in the Skag Den?

The main reason for only investing a single point into Fire in the Skag Den is because FitSD is a great way to keep Consecutive Hits proccing for the anointment or the Pearl Artifact. The first point of investment into the skill vastly out performs the following 4 points. FitSD is usually not worth taking over Grizzled or Dead Lines, which are both fantastic skills, however it can come down to personal preference or individual builds.

Another important reason to stick with a single point is when you apply dots (damage over time or status effects) to an enemy, regardless of the amount of points invested in FitSD the skill will match the dots of the weapon/grenade used to proc it. For 1 point invesment you get the same dots as 5 points invested, the only difference being a minor increase in the initial hit with 4 extra points spent. Skill points are valuable, and there’s usually more value in other tier 1 skills for Demolition Woman.


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All FAQ’s were either tested by me, or found around the gearbox forums.

Please just tag my name in your comment or reply to my post directly if you want me to possibly add a FAQ or correct something. I’d like to get as many points as possible with basic useful information on Moze. Also remember these are just FAQs, I don’t want to go too in depth, that’s what full guides are for which I can always link to if need be

Thanks to @Prismatic and @Duk for their guides linked above, @DoctorDragon for suggestions in the comments, the following for offering to do some testing; @sammantixbb @Spacerobots @kabflash, and to anyone that has posted information on the forums that I might have came across I’ll tag you if I can remember where I came across your comment. Also thanks again to @Prismatic for helping me edit and to double check facts.


Great post.

I don’t know if you personally know but I’d like to see where bonuses like +aoe/splash fit into this as well.

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They’re also multiplicative boosts.

At a very high level gun damage is calculated with the following formula:

Gun Damage = Normal Hit x Splash x Special Multipliers x Critical Damage x Guardian Rank x Elemental Multiplier

The weapon type boosts are special multipliers while the aoe/splash are added together under splash.


@kabflash I will add this to it when I get the chance

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I will also add a point for all moze specific anointments. Is there an up to date guide on this?

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Nope, annointment math is badly documented. I know most of them so you can ask me, if I don’t know I’ll make an effort to test them.

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No, putting a second point into Some for the Road increases the time for unlimited ammo from 5 seconds to 6 seconds.


This is from the red text excell that’s pinned on r/borderlands. It has every anointment in the game currently

Enforcer (DPS)
When entering and exiting Iron Bear, create a nova that deals 13013 damage. (lvl50)
After exiting Iron Bear, the next 2 magazines will have 10% increased fire rate and 20% critical damage.
After exiting Iron Bear, the next 2 magazines will have 40% bonus incendiary damage.
After exiting Iron Bear, gain 120% increased Splash damage for 18 seconds.
While Auto Bear is active, deals 20% bonus incendiary damage
While Auto Bear is active, taking damage has 20% chance to spawn a grenade. [grenade]
After exiting Iron Bear, gain 75% increased shields and health for 25 seconds. [shield]
After exiting Iron Bear, the next 3 magazines will have 33% incrased reload speed and 67% increased handling
After exiting Iron Bear, kills increase Iron Bear’s cooldown rate by 30%. [shield]
After exiting Iron Bear, do not consume ammo for 5 seconds.
While Auto Bear is active, constantly regenerate 8% of magazine size per second. [shield]


Excellent much thanks, and a personal thanks for the guide on iron bear damage

And haha yeah that 2nd point in SftR is pretty disappointing

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This is a BEAUTIFUL post. Thanks for sharing

The answer to this I never knew. I just assumed it was a bug. This makes so much more sense and really helps me understand. Makes me rethink whether in should get click click.

Omg so that means if you have an ogre with splash dmg anointment and 2 ASE Anointments, and a relic that boosts aoe dmg and the elements that are on the ASE, are those all multiplying together? :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

Last question: I thought ib’s left hand issue was fixed…is it still broken? This means I need to pick which hard point I put my sabot rounds on…


Basically, yup! He had to explain this to me many times haha

Fixed on DM, broken on DiB and PD as far as I know

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The splash and aoe will be added. They’re under the same multiplier. If you check the Moze Gun thread linked I do list the formula for the ASE element annoints.

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I’ve read thru it and it’s wonderful. It actually helped me triple my dmg I think. I went from m2 to m4 with the tips and math.


Fantastic post, everyone who considers themselves a Moze main should absorb all the information listed here.

I also have ideas for FAQs but a few of them, I haven’t done enough testing to deduce them in totality myself.

32. Grizzled vs. Explosive Punctuation - which one is better for cooldown? Is it ever worth taking both at any point? (I know there’s a separate thread on this, but it’s a question in itself and should be part of the FAQs I feel.)

33. For an Iron Bear build, which of Moze’s skills are the best ones to go for? (Not just utility skills but also explaining which DPS-boosting skills are additive and multiplicative according to the Iron Bear damage formula. Can also mention which class mods are best for IB DPS, and how convoluted Drowning in Brass and Phalanx Doctrine currently are - they only buff the damage of IB’s left arm and only apply that damage if stacks were accumulated while IB is active, not before he was summoned.)

34. How much should you boost fuel drain for Iron Bear? Is it a stat that’s additive or multiplicative when you combine bonuses from Deadlines, weapon augments and/or class mods? (I haven’t tested this with specific maths, but I’m fairly confident that this is a stat that yields diminshing returns the more you try to boost it.)

35. Do all of Iron Bear’s weapons work well with Auto Bear? (The AI changes things up - it has difficulty landing hits with unaugmented Vanquisher rockets, Railguns are incredibly effective, etc.)

36. Which relics actually work while Moze pilots Iron Bear? (The list is tiny. Not sure if Victory Rush works. Deathless kind of works but only if you’ve got points in Desperate Measures.)

37. If your shield recharges while inside Iron Bear anyway, is there any point speccing into Full Can of Whoop-Ass besides helping your friends out with their shields? (It’s well worth the asking price of one point if you’re using IB strictly with Auto Bear only, as your shield still recharges after you exit IB, and it continues to recharge for a few seconds despite any damage you sustain.

38. I have a class mod that provides +1 for Experimental Munitions yet it doesn’t give me extra fire damage at 2/1 when I read the skill description. Is that intentional? (According to those who have tested it, you do get the bonus fire damage with that extra point, it just doesn’t update the skill card to reflect that you’ve got the 20% bonus.)

39. Should I always spec into Phalanx Doctrine if I’m that far down the SoR tree? (It’s a double-edged sword of a skill. You get the bonus gun damage but there are some shields where their recharge efficiency - their recharge rate compared to the shield’s max capacity - will continuously decrease the more PD stacks you accumulate, which becomes a problem with shields that function best at higher/full capacity, such as the Stop Gap. But with low-capacity shields and/or ones that have alternative means of recharging besides basic recharge rate and delay such as the Big Boom Blaster, PD is a no-brainer choice to invest in.)

40. I heard the Mind Sweeper is capable of spawning grenades that can deal tons of damage, even heard of numbers going into the millions. Which skills and gear are key to maximising the DPS potential of this COM? (I’m not the best person to explain this because I’ve not done anywhere near as much extensive testing with the COM as other regular posters on these forums.)

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So was that you or someone else that posted this to Reddit?

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:clap: :clap: excellent post, links and all. Just got my Moze to 50 a week ago and really enjoying her. This is what i needed to better understand how she works. Each character needs to have in depth explanations like this.


That’s me no worries. Posted there to get more ideas! I saw your comment on it haha

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These are all fantastic suggestions, some are slightly covered already I will see if I can mess around with the wording.

So stacking DL and SSB doesn’t appear to diminish, but is multiplicative. I didn’t go so far to test like +2 DL +3SSB and see if points start to diminish past a certain point. I recommend max both if you’re using Iron Bear for around 50% or more fuel. If you can’t, I’d go +2DL +3SSB as a baseline for utilizing both skills.

This is great, can be easily simplified to whichever weapons require an actual reload with a multi-shot magazine generally are bad. Single fire and cooldown guns also work well. I’ll add this.

This is hard to test. If anyone knows that’d be great, I’m not as good at testing in a live environment. Sanctuary needs a badass.

I can see about writing something up for this, it’s an underrated skill for some builds.

I’ve heard this. Can someone confirm?

Another good point.

I’ll make a point about this, but maybe stick to just explaining grenades can proc more grenades

Thanks for the suggestions

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All good. I just dislike Reddit for information. Because of the upvote/downvote nature of the site too much false information can get spread around.

Totally agree. I’m looking through the comments for info that I need, not what gets top comment.

Got a couple gems out of there.

Has anyone timed how long Blast Master takes to be at 100%? I thought it was 60s but am told it’s 50s? My internet is down right now so I can’t test it.