MOZE FAQs - A list of random information about Moze

Updated number 43, RPM and SSB increase short fuse damage, DM does not have the same direct effect.

@Prismatic thanks for that fix

So did a little spur of the moment testing on something I’ve been curious about. The After exiting Iron Bear kills reduce Iron Bears cooldown rate by 30% and if they stack with each other and how they stack with other things.

Again this was spur of the moment so I didn’t respec. I did not have Grizzled but did have 5/5 Explosive Punctuation and the kills were done with the same splash weapon every time (I have one with the anoint and one without).

36s only topped off
33s topped off + class mod 31%
31s topped off + 4 kills / shield 30% after kill anoint using splash 5 points EP
29s topped off + 4 kills / shield + weapon 30% after kill anoint using splash 5 points EP
26s topped off + com 31% + 4 kills / shield + weapon 30% after kill anoint using splash 5 points EP

The test isn’t perfect or precise. But it does show that not only does it stack with itself nicely, it plays nice with other bonuses. This anoint is a significant boost for Iron Bear builds imo. @HurdyGurdy tested earlier and discovered that it stacks with Grizzled without diminishing as well. All times are done by hand and can be off easily it’s not meant to be a precise test just to show that they are stacking well.

Edit did a respec and relogged to add 5/5 Grizzled. With 3 kills I got 21s with all of the above in play, didn’t have time for the 4th kill lol.


Thank you for showing the numbers, I had pretty well the same results but haven’t gotten around to recording it (the weapons I have with that anointment are awful at the moment).

I agree that the Shield anointment is actually pretty useful. While it does diminish with Topped Off, it appears to boost other cooldowns by 30%, so it’s more the other skills diminish and this anointment feeds off other skills. Pretty unique. It’s not very effective just on it’s own. So if a grizzled kill reduces by 2 seconds, it will add 30% onto that making it 2.6 seconds. This is all an example actual numbers will vary. But this is why it “works” with Topped Off so long as you have other heavy cooldown buffs.

The class mod being the best paired with Grizzled and the Shield/weapon. Adding further on top of that with an artifact or EP has significantly diminished results but if your goal is cooldown at the expense of everything else that’s up to the player.

That is awesome the weapon works well with the shield. My opinion, you’re much better off using this anointment combined with another cooldown reduction over the +75% shield and Health which effectively slows down your cooldown.

I’ll try and get some testing done next week to add to the EP & Grizzled vs Topped Off post

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Updated with new anointment information
Added FAQ numbers 44 - 50
Updated various other pieces of info
Added back to top of page links

Thanks @kabflash for doing the shield anointment testing to confirm how it works (I’ll add the weapon anointment stacking effect after timing it)

If you spot any old anointment references just let me know and I’ll correct it, or any mistakes in 7 new added FAQ’s

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Possibly clarify that specialist bear doesn’t help. The current wording leaves it open ended to me.

Critical hit isn’t more impactful than the other gun boosts, pthp is unaffected by crit boosts. It’s only splash and elemental that double dips on the initial grenade. If you’re more concerned about chains than the initial grenade then boosting grenade damage is as effective as splash and elemental.


Awesome thank you.

Yeah currently it’s information by omittance. I’ll clear that up

So, uhh, me and @sammantixbb are actually doing this now. :joy: Two Mozes, two Bears!

We killed Kraken!!! …After a lot of time spent hiding in a box and waiting for Bear cooldowns. This was a mess but omg it was so much fun. Made it halfway through the Valkyrie fight before dying after this.

We had really non-optimal gear but will be working on builds and trying this more. Going to be trying out Green Monster next time, because yeah it definitely does work on the turret. If anybody figures out anything else that boosts Dakka Bear turret damage, plz let us know, we’re going to need all the help we can get and may try it out vs the raid. :joy: (All attempts including failures:


What gear you guys using? If it shows in the video sorry I have to watch tomorrow.

Mostly curious about which shield you’re both using

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We were using a Red Suit and an Ember’s Blaze to try and make the most horrifying Bear possible with a damaging aura around it. :joy: Definitely going to be switching to Mendel’s Multivitamin for our next attempt, more HP on Bear will be very useful. I was also using a Mindsweeper with +splash damage.

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I’ll send Sammantix better shields.


I just used a mind sweeper with splash damage to do an M4 Takedown using only a westergun. It was way better than I thought it’d be.

I’m thinking you’ll get a lot more mileage out of mind sweeper than green monster.

Not really useful but if you roll shock on the lucky 7 it carries over to dakka. Armor is more of a struggle but I don’t know if green monster is going to be enough.

If you’re having trouble keeping cooldown, take Grizzled and use the shield anointment 30% cooldown rate on kill


Big nope to short fuze… Only other ideas to raise damage of the duo-bear setup are with phalanx + 5% /kill anoint

Mindsweeper is great on mobs and even on bosses as Moze, where matching elements lets it do dirtt stuff.

With Bear and this Dakka concept, the green monsters we have do two things. 5 points in scorching RPMs. This is fire rate and crit damage and an additional 25 percent bear damage. I already have five points in this so it’s really nice to go to ten. It also makes Dakka a Corrosive damage source. Really good for Valks and such.

My build is basically: 2 points in Vampyr. Specialist Bear. Corrosive Sabot Rounds. I literally stretched every point possible to get these three things. My hard points are Capacitive Armature on right, and Sabot on left. When enemies have shields, fire CapArm. When not. Sabot.

Cooldown wasn’t a problem. We mostly had our cooldowns inside eachothers Bears. We ran into trouble when we couldn’t figure out how to not get Bear blown up by Kraken missiles. We got it though.

Basically, we gotta run mindsweeper up into the main area until about halfway through, then switch to Gree Machines.

Since our plan was to Bear hop, we kinda didn’t really properly load out to fight enemies on foot. Because doing so would always lead to us accidentally summoning Bear without the Unforgiven.

Those…I think are most of my notes lol


Well Maliwan Takedown is mostly about shields and armour. It might not be as good in practice, but it might be worth trying shock-charged Dakka Bear with bonus corrosive damage. A Green Monster COM with +5 Scorching RPMs would certainly be worth a stab in the dark. Also, the elemental roll on the Lucky 7 applies shock damage to grenades; saw it work with my Nagata when I first experimented with the gun. But maybe it only affects kinetic grenades, not sure.

The real crux I came across when experimenting with an IB-build was this: when it comes to Maliwan Takedown, do you favour consistency (not relying on kill skills) with your weapon damage and place most of your focus on the Demolition Woman skill tree, or do you risk wasting points on a few skills in the SoR tree which are of zero benefit to Iron Bear, just so you can max out Drowning in Brass and then maybe reach Corrosive Sabot Round? Drowning in Brass only affects Bear’s left hardpoint but because it’s Type B in the damage formula, it can get up to 60% multiplicative bonus with everything else except Phalanx Doctrine which is the only other Type B damage skill.

Build A is the consistent one. There are only two skills (Redistribution and Short Fuse) that do nothing for Iron Bear in this build but that’s not really an issue seeing as he can proc the former and use his Type A damage bonuses to boost the damage of the latter for Moze when she’s on foot and needs more damage to land kills for extra cooldown. The explosive Miniguns are more down to personal preference; dual Vanquishers would also work.

Build B is one I’ve not really tested much at all but might perform better than Build A in the Takedown. However, the fact that there are no points in Vampyr automatically means that you would have to wear the Blast Master for this build. The one thing I don’t like about this build is that 8 skill points in the SoR tree do absolutely nothing for Iron Bear nor can he utilise them himself even if just to help out Moze. One possible idea I’ve yet to test with this build though: getting an elemental roll on the Lucky 7 to imbue a Tracker grenade with shock damage (anointed ofc for 20% chance of spawning when Bear takes damage) and then being able to run dual corrosive railguns.

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@sammantixbb @Spacerobots

Got to watch it, that was pretty great haha.
So I don’t think you need the cooldown anointment on your shields unless you get destroyed. You’d definitely just be better off with a multivitamin like Mendels or Sitorak. Sounds like @kabflash was going to set you guys up with something.

If you ever some across one, an Unforgiven with +160 splash might work with Dakka micro nades. It’s hard to test but I think that weapon anointment works with Auto Bear. Finding an Unforgiven with it will be tough though. When I get the time I’ll see if there’s a difference between non-anointed vs 160% splash with Mind Sweeper and Dakka.

How well does Green Monster Dakka chew through armor? I didn’t really test the damage just tested to get it working. Is it enough damage to give up MS healing and Iron Bear micro nades deleting enemies? Maybe during the Valkyries and if you ever get to Wotan.

Yeah I don’t think it’d be useful because the Unforgiven works well enough most shields aren’t a problem with just kinetic damage. But maybe on bosses. But giving up the Unforgiven and Mind Sweeper for Shock and Corrosive? Someone should test this in the Takedown… Be a lot easier not hitting crits but the damage will plummet a lot.

Does RPM speed up Dakka fire rate?

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Update: did some brief testing on the Handsome Jack dummy and then went to Athenas with my Build B and ran around only with a Lucky 7 in hand on the elemental roll. Not only did it convert my IB-anointed Tracker grenade into dealing shock damage, but it converted ALL DOT damage into shock too, while piloting Iron Bear! Even on a corrosive railgun shot that’s assisted by the bonus fire damage skills, whether it was supposed to be corrosive DOTs or fire ones that started, they would all proc as shock DOTs instead, it was so weird!

Because of the shock-infused grenades and DOT damage, I felt comfortable running dual corrosive railguns and with a Blast Master, it’s like the negative multipliers of corrosive against shields and flesh didn’t matter.

Not to mention that dual corrosive railguns are so kind on fuel as well, I was surprised to clear areas with corrosive weapons and still have enough fuel in reserve to man the Dakka turret and have IB ready again when Auto Bear is finished.

EDIT: I was mistaken, it was 47k damage for the corrosive explosion on the dummy, and 18k bonus fire damage. I must’ve gotten 95k by firing two shots at the exact same time. Still decent corrosive damage though for a fleshy target.


What a weird interaction eh.

That’s the only gun I tried like that. I can’t think of any others though. Are there any other guns with a hidden Elemental? Arctic Nighthawkin maybe?

Possibly, theres also the random mag bonus of the sleeping giant; i havnt tried enough with it to know what it can do

Not a hidden elemental but Dead Chamber has a chance to have a mag doing Double damage 50% chance on reload.

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Maybe worth testing. Not sure what causes it, so far I’ve only seen it with the crit swapping and when a gun has a hidden elemental modifier like green monster and the lucky 7 shock. Possibly the same as that extra projectile exploit? I don’t know anything about that I’ve just heard of it.