Moze Fuel Bug with the Stainless Steel Bear Skill

When I put points into this skill it is not actually giving me the fuel when I use Iron bear. It is increasing how much fuel I can have but when I hop into my mech my bear is only 3/4 full when I have 9/5 points into it with the raging bear class mod. This seems to be how its not suppose to work I can have that much fuel but its not actually giving it to me when I use my mech with this skill. This picture is how much fuel I have when I hop into my mech. (poor quality picture I am on xbox)

This is a known display bug - it’s not updating correctly. According to several forum posters who’ve tested you do actually get the extra. The bar just displays incorrectly.

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Huh. So that’s what that was.

are we sure on this. The reason i ask is when you hop in and use iron bear it still burns fuel from the starting line at 3/4 and goes down… it doesnt sit still for a bit on use then start going down based on usage… to me it seems that its added the fuel in the top end of the bar but i did not get to use it as its already used…

also from personal use it also seems that if you do the auto bear and the in and instant out trick this is adding to the cooldown you have on your iron bear based on percentage of fuel bar usage that its auto doing to the bar

It is not just a visual bug, if you eject early it screws with your cooldown time. I have a dedicated Iron Bear build so I really feel the extra cooldown time.

Yeah we confirmed that in this topic here: