Moze gameplay from GamesCom 2019

So, a Twitch Streamer called LazyData streamed a total of 3 hours of Borderlands 3’s Proving Grounds. Here are some things I picked up while watching him play as Moze:

  • The “Shield of Retribution” tree made it incredibly easy for Moze to surpass Iron Bear’s base armor with her shield alone (IB had around 4700 armor and Moze got up to over 5k shield thanks to “Phalanx Doctrine” and other things with a base shield Capacity of just 1.7k!).

  • while skilled into SoR, she plays best very hastily and frantically, as she has to get going with her stack skills. Still, she easily hit over 100% extra gun damage almost constantly.

  • Her “Demolition Woman” tree makes Iron Bear so much better that it actually seems like a reliable source of damage. Still, that was just on the regular difficulty, so this might change.

  • Her Nuke augment has a really long reload, but was extremely cost-effective considering the damage it did and the radius, which made it possible to recover a lot of fuel by killing multiple targets at once.

  • The DW tree makes her much better offensively, but she is really squishy, so complimenting it with the SoR tree will help greatly.

  • I did not see any high-level gameplay of her “Bottomless Mags” tree, only Lv. 22 and no “Some for the Road” or “Forge”, but the skill tree needs the player to never reload prematurely as the ammo Regen so far only refills the Magazine, not the stock. So the BM tree seemingly isn’t for compulsive reloaders like me.

  • Even worse than with “Demolition Woman” the “Bottomless Mags” tree has literally no defensive capabilities, so a player has to embrace the “gun it down” mentality of the tree and kill everything as quickly as possible.

Edit: I now saw “Some for the Road” in action and it does indeed provide “infinite ammo” as in the weapons not consuming ammo for 5 seconds. And yes, this works on rocket launchers!
Edit 2: “Some for the Road” also activates if the Bear gets destroyed!


Well as a Moze fan, this sounds great. :wink: She is going to be my main so I’ll have lots of time to play with her various builds.


Overall everything seems in line for Moze. Her skill trees all seem to work as intended and all seem viable so far. And even if Iron Bear becomes obsolete at endgame, it will probably be more so for his relatively low armor than for the damage. We will just need to be aware of what we’re fighting and rearrange augments accordingly.

Moze on her own can absolutely stand her ground, no matter the skill tree. She is just a bit more reliant on certain sorts of weapons, grenades and shields.

Something I forgot to write above: You also get “Some for the Road” if IB gets destroyed.


Link? Need to see some Shield of Retribution gameplay.

“Shield of Retribution” gameplay starts around 1 hour 57 min and “Demolition Woman” is at display somewhere really early in the stream (basically, if you see Moze before 1:57, it is the DW build).

The “Bottomless Mags” gameplay is right at the start of this video (“Some for the Road” gets earned after a level-up). This video has light SPOILERS.


Many thanks, friend of friends!

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New bits of info from Arekkz Gaming’s GamesCom gameplay:

  • We take no damage from the Bear if it gets destroyed while we’re in it
  • The Auto-Bear does no friendly fire damage, at least not against Moze (Arekkz walked right into IB’s nuke and it did nothing on Moze). We don’t know how that all will work with Teammates yet; they might take damage from IB’s explosive weaponry or the Nuke

And another thing I have seen by now: If we’re skilled into “Dakka Bear” and “Auto Bear” we can exit the Bear and then jump on our own Iron Bear to use the Turret while Auto Bear runs it’s duration. This makes the in-and-out-playstyle even more viable. Unfortunately the Turret is kinda weak, but still, it is free damage.


@DeputyChuck Deputy Moze?


@Lazydata already doing speedruns on 3


Ah, the good old “I don’t need healing if everything dies before it could become a danger” playstyle.

Jokes aside, Moze has some serious potential to become a walking machine gun firing off shotgun rounds at a rate of 7+ per second without ever reloading. I can already see her dominating in the time trials.


Anyone else notice how the Selfless Vengeance health lose regenerated instantly. @ 2:11:50.

Maybe that is just for reloading while not in battle? I haven’t it noticed before, though.

Not sure if that fits with the “Deputy” moniker, but definitely what I want to do with Moze :slightly_smiling_face:


Moze profits heavily from crits. It’s less “run and gun” than “fill them up with lead until they’re dead”. But it’s close. Kinda. But Fl4k could also be a great deputy


No Jakobs no Deputy :smile:

Yeah. Autocrits with Jakobs ricochet on crit plus 2Fangs.
Well… yeah.

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