Moze gonna get a new Legendary Mod for SoR? (and other weird rant stuff)

To preface, I am NOT a Moze main. If I have an incorrect impression of things PLEASE inform/correct me (without being a ass about it if possible, lol) Thank you in advance for your understanding.

The tree lacks love in the Class Mod department. The only mod that grants skill bonuses to it is the Bloodletter and, to my knowledge, that mod only really synergies with the Deathless Artifact otherwise you can never get any health back because it just goes to shields (my thinking is that you try to keep at least 60% of your health to manage the Healthgate. Otto Idol might work if you can get 5 in Thin Red Line).

The problem with that is the whole Healthgate in M10 thing. Last I checked, you can’t gate with your shield which makes these items totally worthless. This also means that SoR becomes kinda useless, but you could totally make a build where you have 60% health and therefore can use the Healgate mechanic to work into M10…but you have no Class Mods that benefit that sort of playstyle. You either go whole hog or go home.

Sure, you could use a different mod. Some are really awesome. However, most benefit Splash damage which means you NEED to be at a good range otherwise you’ll just kill yourself… and self Splash damage currently ignores the Healthgate if I am not mistaken. I imagine they’ll attempt to change that soon enough, but I’m just trying to wrap my head around how Moze works and SoR is the only tree that currently speaks to me.

IDK. I’m curious as to what Moze-mains feel about all this kinda stuff. Obviously y’all have found ways to cope or just really enjoy how all this works. Supposedly she is crazy strong so clearly something is working in your favor. Anyhow, thank you for reading my weird little rant/question/thing. This has been my TED talk.

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I think you have a point. I wouldnt mind seeing DiB, Armored Infantry, or Experimental Munitions get some love.

It might depend on the red text though. So many mods are lacking unique interactions and are wasted potential :confused:. I could’ve sworn previous games had a wider array of skills on them?

Really hard to say if we’ll get a new Red Tree mod, since they’re so many other issues going on right now:

  1. Enemies doing M10 damage…this is a nightmare without health gate. As a URad Moze, I’ve learned how to move better and kill faster, but sometimes you can’t help but die.

  2. Tenacious Defense…if this skill were revamped to where it would prevent the health from being touched when the shield breaks, this could make up for not having health gate.

  3. Speaking of ^, Moze has a lot of useless skills in the red tree…I hope they fixed those first before any new SoR mods.

  4. Even if they come up with a new red tree mod, I can’t imagine it being better than Bloodletter…if you want URad, great gun damage, and massive shields (which is what the whole tree is about), it’s pretty much required. Anything else, and you’d have to give up one of those things.

I was mostly just thinking “Could we get a mod that either allows health gate to still work with shields OR work around Thin Red Line so that we could still benefit from it even at the cost of some Desperate Measures effectiveness”.

IDK. I would be fine with losing a small portion of damage if it means I can stay in the fight and have a chance at surviving the fight at all. I’m kinda curious why there are 8 Legendary class mods for Moze and only 1 of them have anything to do with the SoR tree. Why no other options while the other two trees have 7 to choose from?

I feel like SoR only came with one idea and that idea completely skipped over endgame. Again, I don’t know. Moze isn’t really my wheelhouse.

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I don’t see why Moze can’t have both…they should just fix Tenacious Defense so it acts as a “Shield Gate,” without putting that gimmick in a class mod


I’d be more than happy if the new class mod isn’t another “hold down trigger to gain stacking buff” kind of mod xD

Blood lettering is in a good place right now imo, it gives bonus to the 3 best skills in the tree. you can use it with either pearl or deathless and run urad (splash) guns, or with white elephant relic and face puncher, or with red suit shield and rad complex root (don’t put any points in FitSD or Cloud of Lead in this case)

if there is a problem with BL, it’s how well (broken) FitSD scales with mayhem lvl atm, so you are likely better off with urad splash weapons even if you use a SoR based build. And if you are using splash weapons, you may as well use mindsweeper or blast master for more dmg.

there is another very old problem with the SoR tree, that is its capstone skill being useless when you go 1 hp builds, which BL encourages. It’s a little better now but you have to use a shield with that “activate shield full/break effects when you use action skill” anointment and even then you lose at least 5 secs of the buff


Except that it doesn’t allow Healthgate which means you can’t really do M10 or endgame stuff very easily since some attacks can down you in one shot, even with 70k shields.

Like, I was farming the Ruiner for heads on my Zane yesterday and I was literally getting one shot with my 30k shields and 16k health. Only reason I kept standing was lifesteal and heathgate.

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unless you are playing with Rogue Lite, lacking healthgate isn’t really an issue for Moze on m10. One-shotting attacks don’t happen that often and many of that you can avoid with Iron Bear the hard carry, and if your gear/build isn’t absolute garbage you can get SW easily enough. In your Ruiner example (and most other bosses on M10), Moze can basically just hop in IB and blow him up, then hop out and collect lewt

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I run 1 HP Moze on M10 and I dont have issues…side from downing myself all the time but thats just like a Moze problem lol.

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I would love a more basic Shield of Retribution class mod, one that specializes in keeping Tenacious Defense up all the time. Basically something like this:
“If your shield would be broken, it instead instantly refills and triggers all abilities and effects that would trigger when your shield breaks. This has a Cooldown of 30 seconds.”

Couple that with skills like Phalanx Doctrine, Drowning in Brass, Behind the Iron Curtain and/or Armored Infantry and we would have a solid, albeit not fancy class mod on our hands that supports the Shield of Retribution skill tree by simply giving you a second shield charge instead of Healthgate. It might basically push out the Bloodletter from seeing play though, although the Bloodletter builds still have more damage due to Desperate Measures being on there. I would put neither Desperate Measures nor Thin Red Line on the new com to keep both playstyles distinct from each other.

Edit: I am aware that the Recharger shield exists, it’s just that this class mod would free up dozens of possible shield options for Moze and would make way more “red builds” possible.

In my personal opinion, I think the whole tree, minus a few skills, needs an overhaul.
Desperate Measures is great. So is Phalanx Doctrine (though, I don’t like that it’s on a timer, that just means you can’t get higher than maybe 20 stacks at a time legitimately.)
Full Can of Whoop Ass is also not that great, along with Force Feedback and, the capstone, Tenacious Defense.
Selfless Vengeance? Not worth the skill points that could be put in something actually useful.
Drowning in Brass is good as well, but the vast majority of skills in the SoR tree just provide such small bonuses I don’t see why anyone goes down this tree except for a Bloodletter Deathless build.

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Alright. I suppose that’s fair enough. I have yet to fully gear an M10 Moze and if people are saying they don’t need to worry about the heathgating I suppose that is good to hear. I still feel that SoR kinda got shafted when it comes to Mods, but if what exists works for people then I guess there isn’t too much to worry/complain about. (*shrug).

That… might actually be a decent point.

Oh dont get me wrong, I wish there were more SoR tree COMs…especially considering that like a lot of her COMs give the same skills.


I’d love a new red tree com for Moze, but I’d worry that they will approach like they did when they created seein dead for Zane. The tree needs work first and should function better independently before a class mod patches it up.

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I really like the idea of changing Tenacious Defense to be a shieldgate mechanic. One of the biggest drawbacks to the 1hp builds is that many enemies can one shot now with the M10 damage they are doing. Even with 100k+ shields. I get the risk/reward idea behind the 1hp builds, but that would make the red capstone actually worth going for.


You forgot shields. I can’t remember the name, but it also reserves %60 for health. With that, a class mod, and deathless, shields of 90k and up are not unusual. And if you’re using phalanx doctrine those stacks get you well up over 100k. The major problem I have with a deathless build are Hounds that drop an EMP at your feet. It will zap your shield no matter how big in seconds.

The other minor issue is the mod slows shield regen and rate. After a while though it’s not noticeable.

My deathless is fun for mobs, but tricky for bosses. Especially if there are no minions around for FFYL. All in all though it’s a fun character. I can survive most MH10 challenges. Haven’t tried Wotan or SlaughterShaft. Mostly because I think it would be too time consuming.

My other moze is no particular build. Mostly green and blue. Different mods depending on mood.

I don’t think Moze needs anything.

You’re not wrong, I just see it differently.

Tenacious Defense as a capstone, that’s just dumb.

The Frontloader.

I agree with the previous comments about how shieldgate is not a big deal. Its not. I clear M10 content with a well-tuned 1HP build as I do with a full HP build.


Your personal experience and skill doesn’t negate the opinions of those asking for a shield gate…or a fix for a skill (TD) that probably should prevent shield breaks but doesn’t…

Kind of a valid point. A Shieldgate (especially one tied to a tree skill) could/would be optional and therefore people could choose to play without it. It wouldn’t necessarily diminish challenge/fun for some, only provide fun for others.

Honestly, the more I look at the SoR tree the more I kinda feel like maybe it could use a d overhaul. I mean, Moze can potentially get completely ludicrous amounts of extra gun damage/shields while some skills are nigh unused by a massive majority of players. Again, not my realm of expertise. I’m a Zane and Amara guy, but a lot of y’all have made some pretty good comments about this topic and I really appreciate the imput.

I just want more COMs like the purple COMs. Have more fun with them anyway and it doesn’t pigeon hole me into using a few guns.