Moze gonna get a new Legendary Mod for SoR? (and other weird rant stuff)

The Front Loader actually doesn’t do much towards adding extra shields. Bonus health passives on mod and artifact is more beneficial. Plus getting 5/3 TRL. Add in Phalanx Doctrine and you can get shields over 120k easily.

Can’t remember exactly, but there’s something weird about the math on the Front Loader. It takes its 60% at the end of the calculation which winds up being 60% from 1hp, so essentially nothing. Or something like that.

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Yikes, good to know. There are better shields if the size benefit is so marginal.

Yea, there are way better shields for Moze. Transformer is always a good go-to. Stop-Gap, Recharger, and now nova shields like the Nova-Burner might be great again with today’s buff to those. Don’t sleep on the Double Downer shield either (DLC1 shield). I run a splash Moze in the blue and green trees and the Double Downer is amazing since I constantly kill myself.

Oh and a lot of people swear by the Big Boom Blaster for the grenade regen. I just run with the More than Ok Boomer mayhem modifier instead.

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