Moze got shafted as usual

So yea moze iron bear health was only increased and NOT the damage. Probably cant be fixed without a patch as usual they dont even test the changes specifically for moze and looks like short fuse damage was nerfed for literally nothing

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i like mose, but that might be because i only think of iron bear as a portable bunker to regen health/sheild. its useless as a weapon.

IB scaling has been fixed now, it seems

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In case you miss other threads, this has been fixed IB does great damage now.


Dod it JUST get hot fixed

IB Nukes be doing 15 million damage for me…

What system you playing on

Xbox, you may have to restart your game to get the hotfixes to reapply.

I did all of that restarted the entire game 3 times now. What modifiers you using maybe a modifier is bugging it

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I have on Slayer, Healy Avenger, Chain Gang and Post Mortem. The hotfix may have just not rolled out to you yet idk. All I know is IB is destroying M10 now

I’m having the same issue here. After I updated my game, IB wrecks everything on M10 but after respecc, damage reverted to normal. I tried everything, restarting, switching Mayhem levels on and off, switching gears and class mods. No it didnt do anything. I’m playing on Ps4

A strange interaction is happening with dakka bear. Try not speccing a point there and see if that helps.

Some people say that this bug has been fixed, maybe it was fixed only on PC

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Good to know, I haven’t encountered it personally, just passing on what I’ve read.

Played around with a bunch of the DLC 3 weapons; the short version is that they are all strong and the vast majority do splash damage.