Moze grenade nerf?

If the nerf does follow through, I’m curious on any other boss/mob builds?? I love Moze and the grenade build but I guess If nerfed it’s time for a new build :weary:

The issue is that aren’t many other builds for her. She’s too reliant on Vampyr just to survive, unfortunately. :frowning:


She will be quite a bit squishier now if the nerf was actually intended, but she still has plenty of viable builds. As it looks right now my bet is on the Tediore Chucker build being top tier. It should in theory get around the tick grenade nerfs and proc MoD/Vamp. The grenade mod that would best suit it is up in the air though. Something than spawns homing mirvs that deal direct damage would be ideal though I think.

I don’t think it’s a nerf… more like they broke a skill. Means of Destruction isn’t working at ALL with any kind of splash damage.


They will nerf the nades, it’s just too powerful, I’m ok with that

However. They need to adjust or buff other ways to regen health and/or shields to make another build viable first.

Nerfing without many options with moze would pretty much kill her off as a character.

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But nerfing it to the ground is not ok