[Moze] Grenade regen and empty ammo boxes

I am looking for someone else to confirm what I have been experiencing.

Since the new patch, I’ve encountered a very strange bug:
I regularly play Slaughter Shaft, and I have noticed that whenever MoD stops working the ammo caches are always empty.

This usually happens to start on round 4; before that, I can open ammo caches and get ammo as per usual, but as soon as I start to not regen grenades anymore if I open them they are always empty. This has happened to me in solo, and in coop with another friend of mine that plays Moze with me.

Has anyone else experienced the same?

I had noticed that the ammo cache were sometime empty for no apparent reason, not sure with which character however

Another tidbit here of info that can be added here (thx @cailte for actually confirming my suspicion) is that boosters from the BBB are affected as well. Whenever I encounter this bug I can’t regen grenades also with the BBB, as boosters do no drop anymore. If you have a BBB or a shield that uses boosters would you be eager to test if they are affected too?

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I am not sure how to trigger this bug but I ll keep that in mind while I do the level up to 53 with Moze

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Me neither, but so far I have encountered it several times only after round three in the slaughter shaft. Just keep an eye out for it if you are playing that arena ;]

Heaps of things break, I’ve been playing a lot of Zane lately and that ridiculous kill skill mod, just stops proccing kill skills. I’m talking a full clip into a badass, and no kill skills procced. It’s a game wide bug, and I suspect, and I’ve said this before, it’s a ram issue with loading too many things on screen. There’s an unseen cap on stuff that can happen in a session, and once that hits, things that can happen are throttled. That includes but isn’t limited to things that spawn. So ammo, loot, boosters, nades, skills blah, blah, anything that arrives after the fact is affected. The problem multiplies until it includes audio cues, textures and all sorts of weird ■■■■■. I think the more Gearbox optimises the game the better it will be. That said, I first noticed the problem after the .3 delays were added to Moze and Flak. If I was Gearbox, I’d start looking there first.

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