(Moze Guide) BEST Weapons & Gear to use for Hemovorous the Invincible

Heya Buddies, the new raid boss, Hemovorous the Invincible, comes out in the director’s cut Season Pass 2 dlc very soon and to help all the Moze mains out there I created this Guide / Moze Build that will have everything you will need to defeat the upcoming raid boss. This will also include some helpful tips and tricks I feel will be helpful during the raid boss Fight w/ Hemovorous the Invincible.

Click Here for a Video Showcase & Explanation:

I tried to keep the list as short and sweet as possible w/ gear that is easy to use and (for the most part) to get. I tried to not just list every single top tier gun and this is what I came up with:

The Four Weapons I recommend is:

(Try to Obtain Corrosive and Fire Elements since Varkids Tend to have Armor/Flesh Health Bars)

These 4 Weapons are common weapons (besides unforgiven) seen in a ton of builds so I knew a lot of players will already have them and they are all easy to use weapons that will be able to hit the Raid Boss whether he is slippery or not. Unforgiven is here in case players prefer Rocketeer Based Builds as they can jump into the back of the turret of iron bear which will allow you the player to take no damage the entire time you are in the turret. During this time the Anointment will allow you to gain Iron Bear Cooldown back when killing the possible Adds the Raid Boss might Summon while gaining bonus crit damage that the Unforgiven will provide. Despite recent nerfs w/ Moze’s Short Fuse, the Light Show & Monarch still deal crazy amounts of damage when optimizing On Foot Moze or 50/50 Iron Bear Builds.

Grenade Slots:

  • Cloning Maddening Tracker (CMT) (Random Epic Drop so no link, there are videos online like this for it: https://youtu.be/yom5FdXYuSA?t=327 ) - Anointments Recommended: ASE Fire / Corrosive or On Throw Global Damage Increase or Taking damage has a 20% chance to spawn a grenade
  • It’s Piss- Anointments Recommended: Taking damage has a 20% chance to spawn a grenade or On Throw Global Damage Increase

Once Again Common Grenades used in most Moze Builds, Cloning Maddening Tracker will benefit Vampyr Procs Keeping the Players Health at a good amount within and out of Iron Bear. If needing Vampyr Procs for Iron Bear and you can’t get your hands on a CMT just use any grenade that deals tons of Splash damage w/ anointment Taking damage has a 20% chance to spawn a grenade. Its Piss is a good choice for dealing tons of single target damage against bosses so easy choice there.

Shields Slots:

  • Old God (Either Corrosive or Fire, since Varkids commonly have Armor/Flesh Health Pools)- Anointment Recommended: ASE Fire / Corrosive or Kills increase Iron Bear’s cooldown rate by 30%
  • Plus Ultra- Anointment Recommended: Kills increase Iron Bear’s cooldown rate by 30%
  • Faulty Star (For Cheese but not recommended for First Encounter; It might not work) - Anointments Recommended: Doesn’t matter as much as others but you can do ASE Fire / Corrosive
  • Stop-Gap (For First Encounters) - On Action Skill Start - Activate any effects that trigger on shield break or fill.

Lets Start w/ Stop Gap; Stop Gap will be invaluable to have during your first run in on the boss since on shield break will give you a few seconds to analysis what just happened for those WTF moments & give you time to heal yourself. The Anointment On Action Skill Start - Activate any effects that trigger on shield break or fill Isn’t that amazing on Moze since Iron Bear already has some Invulnerability frames during the start up but it could save your life with the raid boss since raid bosses are supposed to be stupid strong. If you are planning on doing Iron Bear based builds Plus Ultra will double your health while piloting Iron Bear so that’s a obvious one up for the player. Old God will help you optimize your damage if you plan on trying to deal the most amount of damage possible. The Fault Star Cheese is using Rushin Offensive Action skill point while using Mayhem Modifier Boundary Issues while also using Blood Letter to create a infinite Nova Loop. It only works if you are sprinting and you get close enough to the enemy to cause Boundary Issues to proc which will constantly deal damage to you along as you stay close to the enemy, you will constantly get your shields back from lifesteal (from Rushing Offensive) since Blood Letter turns all healing to go into the shield as opposed to HP.

Artifacts Slots:

I picked these two because The Pearl will allow you to double your damage when trying for Consecutive hits which will be easy to achieve against the huge target Hemovorous the Invincible. The Snowdrift is here because BL3 has a hard on for making Bosses have mechanics that make have to move fast to either dodge something or complete a phase.

Class Mod Slots:

Lets start with Flare; Flare will allow you to optimize in increasing your damage with On Foot or Iron Bear/Cub based Build. Rocketeer will allow you to cheese the boss while sitting in the turret or simply act as a decoy to help you get away from the boss while you go for the sweet sweet thorax (crit spot). Finally, Bloodletter will allow you to keep your shields healthy which will help survivability or help you achieve Faulty Star nova loops cheese; keep in mind that Bloodletter should result in inability to spam Health gating since you wont be able to restore HP as easily.

Since we are done listing the meat and potatoes of this post lets discuss some tech or misc information that will help you fight the boss:

Don’t run Deathless builds unless you are familiar w/ the Raid Boss, Deathless removes the health gate ability all vault hunters have. Health Gating will more then likely save your booty more then once during the fight.

Don’t run urad builds UNTIL we as a community know how to tackle the boss because most players will need health gating to survive.

I cannot stress this enough Try to focus on Corrosive and Fire Elements since Varkids tend to have Armor/Flesh Health Bars. Shock Based Builds will probably be worthless.

Once again; Run a Plus ultra shield if you are going for iron bear piloting based build.

For iron bear based cheese against bosses use a Rocketeer class mod plus unforgiven while you are in the back of turret you take no damage.

if you plan on running any iron bear based get a shield with on kill increase action skill cooldown rate. With a grenade that has anointment throw grenade automatically when getting hit in iron bear to keep him healthy w/ Vampyr Procs

On foot cheese would be faulty star assuming the raid boss would proc this mayhem modifier but I don’t really recommend trying this since you would probably go into ffyl trying to attempt this but who knows.

Stop gap will be super useful until we are familiar with the mechanics.

You’ll want to try to get ase fire as well on either shield or grenade optimally on shield since you will want to have on throw bonus damage for grenades if you plan on doing on foot moze otherwise get the ase on your grenade since you’ll want to have on kill increase cool down rate for iron bear since iron bear will be a useful get out of jail free card since on entering iron bear you have a few seconds of invincibility.

I believe that covers everything, I hope this helps someone & have a great day everyone :slight_smile:

Feel free to add any tips you think will help another player in the comments, you will probably help a fellow vault hunter out & strengthen us as a community.

I’m collecting Lobs for the raid boss. Just a theory I have.

You know I was kind of thinking the same thing the lob might be able to hit the boss multiple times with one shot assuming if that’s the theory you’re talking about

Not sure what’s best yet. Yesterday, after two months of not touching the game, I just popped up my MindSweeper Moze with Flipper snd Plasma. The raid boss looks way easier than the bridge section of the Maliwan raid

The weapons I’ve had success with are Plaguebearer and Backburner launchers with Mindsweeper. If you can get the orbs to go under his body, their projectiles can crit very easily.

The new Arms Race shield (Infernal Wish) lets you fire an extra Plaguebearer or Backburner projectile, which makes things much easier.

Yo Great suggestions, I have go try that. Thank you Buddy :slight_smile:

Good Old Trevonator and Flipper are doing good with Rocketeer Iron Bear.

Another decent option is Redline with Some For the Road. (It works with a non-elemental one, but ideally get a corrosive one for the armor phases).
I paired it with the new Re-volter shield, using the “On ASA, activate shield break effects” anointment. The Re-volter significantly increases fire-rate so even if it’s bonus shock damage isn’t the best against the varkid bosses it still lets you get a lot more out of Some For the Road.

(Maurice is selling Redlines this week, btw).

killed him with the good’ol Lucky 7 (auto crit+7x buff)

Killed him with splash damage Moze on first try with corrosive/incendiary Flipper, Blastmaster mod, Pearl artefact and CMT grenade. I was using the Beskar shield from Arms Race. I think mind sweeper or green monster mods also work well as there are a lot of mobs most of whom are weak to corrosive damage.

I was using Iron Cub with Target Softening, although Hammerdown Protocol would also work well.

I do have a corrosive Plaguebearer, I didn’t try it, the fight was a bit too hectic to try and aim it, I was worried I might down myself with all the enemies in the room and splash damage.

Fun fight, but dropped rubbish loot. I don’t think I’ll waste Eridium on this to farm it further unless they buff the drops for this.

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Although a launcher method might work better, I’m downing him in 2 minutes from my slide in with a Green Monster and CH corrosive flipper. What helps a lot is the super soldier shield.
Imagine my fire rate with 10 points in scorching RPMs, a pearl with a fire rate roll and this shield when at full. Incredible and I can sustain the ammo as well.
Having a ball as I don’t kill Vermi, fast travel back to the start and go back down for free. The door stays open and everything respawns. Great farm at the moment given the 2 minute kills.
You can even take a break after 10 kills or whatever, just take out the 4 initial Varkids and leave the pod so you can then take your time going through the loot. I make a big pile in a corner to clean the floor before proceeding.

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Damn 2 minutes per kill is insane, my runs are usually a lot longer but I haven’t had a chance to run it too much, only 3 runs with a crappy Fl4k build so far. I’ll probably get on today and run it finally with moze and perhaps try some of your suggestions as well. Thank you :wink:

About 2 minutes is what it takes me using Iron Bear with flame. I start with sabot and when I get to the red bar I hop out and switch to rail guns.