Moze Harmonious Havok

Hey, so I’m using a build for moze using harmonious having, the skill that gives her gun damage based on matching elemental gear. I feel like there is an issue when using certain gear with this build. Basically Maliwan weapons with dual elements. For instance a hellshock is fire electric but only considered electric when triggering or adding to the HH skill. Even when I switch to its fire element mode and even switch guns it does not proc. Is this a bug, or intentional? It makes allot of good maliwan guns i have kind of useless with that build and having to switch 6 pieces of gear, carry a bunch of different elemental shield and nades takes allot of time and space in inventory. Im playing on Xbox one, so not sure this is a problem on all consoles and pc or maybe something specific to that console. Even the new plasma coil suffers as well as the flipper, all guns that just go very well with most of mozes builds.

As far as i know, HH only checks the primary element. So if you use all maliwan, then make sure they all have the same primary element.

I’ve heard it can bug out completely aswell of you die and respawn, or enter iron bear - which only correct itself if you switch your gun from via inventory menu (unequip / re-equip). But i have not used the skill enough myself yet were i’ve seen it happen, so i can’t say for sure if that’s true or not.

Yeah, thats what I thought but that makes allot of good guns useless. I guess not so much useless but makes the build around that skill harder. Like I said if hellshock is shock and fire it always has shock as its primary and a fire build with that skill and iron cub means I can’t use what I think is the best pistol in the game. I think it should be based on which element you use vs the primary only. Just my thought though.

Yes, you would lose out on a fire old god if you were to build around hellshock. Allthough, you could use old god anyway since it’s just 10% gun damage loss(20% of you use a fire nade). Which in any case, probably still be the better option anyway.

And i don’t mean to discourage you from testing and building around things you find interesting, but i’m assuming you’re going for pearl and consecutive hits with your setup up? If so, that’s plenty of gun damage that you likely won’t even notice the difference with between 20%, 40% or 60% from HH.

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The Flipper actually benefits from this rather than suffering. You can go for the full 60% gun damage while covering elements just by farming a Flipper with the correct primary element. It’s not as great for the Hellshock like you mentioned though, I don’t think. Currently running it with a Plus Ultra with fire resistance, two Flippers, fire Plaguebearer and a Trevonator, but if they changed it to consider the active element then I couldn’t get the full 60% benefit on secondary elements on the fly.

This is true for my experience. Entering FFYL or Iron Bear switches off the benefit, only seems to check and apply your stacks when you swap weapons. Rarely, it doesn’t appear on the HUD for reasons I’m not sure, don’t know if it’s still applying or not when that happens. Would like a fix to keep it active because I think the current way it works conflicts with some anointments? Not entirely sure, just read that some anointments are only active until you switch the weapon out.

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Actually no, I don’t use pearl, its more of one of my builds is i have shields for say shock, fire, rad, corrosive and ice, so I have all the gear for that, and farming is not an issue. My issue is more that a gun with duel elements should proc the skill depending on the element being used vs the primary. Your right it makes it say more efficient if using shock build for both of those weapons but there are so many better shields right now than a transformer. I guess this is Korean of a personal complaint as well vs an issue with the skill itself.

Harmonious Havoc actually really benefits a lot from maliwan weapons. You can maintain multiple damage types while maintaining that always on 60% buff. Moze also has a lot of maliwan guns in her top gear list, like the insider, Krakatoa, trevonator, flipper, plasma coil and beacon! Sure some, like the plasma coil might restrict you to a single primary element if you want to use that gun but that’s not a huge deal since you can switch elements on the gun. If you go full maliwan you can also grab matched set for all the ammo if you like.

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Yeah I agree, just would like the dual typing to proc the skill and think it should. In my opinion. I feel like once you switch to fire or shock that should be the type and not based on primary. Who knows maybe we will get that in a hot fix or future update. As of now its just a little frustrating is all.

But right now players can use any element they want on the secondary firing mode and still get the full bonus. So I have shock and fire on my hellshock, then a cryo, rad, and corrosive option that all get the full bonus. Changing it like you suggest would actually lock players into a single element to get the full bonus which does not sound good to me lol. I don’t see that being a positive change. sorry if I’m misunderstanding something here


As ypu put it like that, i ajve to say i see your point. It makes a bit more sense looking at it like that. Ill have to rework my gear a bit but like I said your point is well taken.

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You always lose if you second wind or enter IB but you can just do a weapon swap and it comes back (not from menu). Rarely it completely bugs out to where swapping it doesn’t fix, never tried menu switching but usually next time I use IB then swap again it fixes it.

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Once I had it disappear and swapped my entire set of weapons out and back and it didn’t get fixed. Or maybe the icon was bugged out. Had to quit and restart.

I really like the idea of Harmonious Havoc, but they do need to make sure the stacks aren’t lost through anything other than unequipping an incendiary weapon. It would also be nice if it didn’t matter which slot the element went in on Maliwan weapons. It’s so annoying getting a fantastic Maliwan weapon but not being able to use it because of the order of elements.