Moze has gone from "Badass" to just "ass"

This has really gotten out of hand. This whole nerfing the FUN right out of the game situation is demoralizing.

It feels bad that the devs are taking the smallest sample size of players and balancing around them.

How about this, instead of NERFING all GOOD parts, try instead BUFFING the BAD parts.

First it was Zane, nerfed into the ground before launch. So, I pivot to Amara, who gets nerfed. Pivot to FL4K, who gets nerfed, pivot to Moze…

There are no good characters left. ALL THE VH’S SUCK NOW. Is everyone happy? Cuz I sure ain’t.

Three weeks ago this game was fun. Now it’s a chore, and boring, so boring. I don’t feel like spending minutes killing a single non-bad ass mob. Seriously.

I’m so frustrated with this head space the devs are in. They’re more worried about the bottom line and stretching out the games life that they’re taking all the fun out of it.


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