Moze having a newly broken skill?

I was playing when the DLC dropped yesterday and finished it. Amazing BTW.
But I always play with my cousin who mains Fl4k and I main Moze. He was the DPS with fade away and I was the tank able to stand in the middle of adds and never die out. That said when the DLC dropped I was out damaging him with any gun I picked up. We started the DLC at level 60 M10 and blew through any boss with ease. I was even able to take down bosses with IB without a bear COM.
I think this has something to do with TCP dealing increased passive damage on M10. I’ll attempt more testing to be certain but I was definitely able one shot bad asses with almost any gun I picked up. Not that this is bad but infinite ammo and doing more damage than Fade Away without using annointmens is a bit much.

Has anyone else had this happen?

Iron bear is just that now
He scaled to mayhem 10
TCP is definitely a top tier skill now, tho

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I was wondering how I was melting enemies with corrosive or cryo on shield and health at M10 and after turning on the modifier dazed and infused i was still mobbing like they are non mayhem

I didn’t realize how broken Moze was until I did my FL4K playthrough.

My Moze melted the final boss in the new DLC like it was a trash mob. My FL4K had the expected experience of having to struggle to defeat the boss. Normally, like you, I would have expected the opposite to happen.

While reflecting on that, I recalled how easily Moze was able to dispatch enemies with her incendiary Monarch, even armored and shielded enemies. Again, I assumed that this was just the Monarch being the OP weapon that it is (which it looks like they’re going to nerf in the future).

I can say that it isn’t Torgue Cross-Promotion because my Moze does not have any points in that skill.

Do you mind sharing your build? I’d like to compare to see passive is making us good.

My build is blue/green.

According to this post, Short Fuse may be doing more damage than it should (75K now vs 11K previously):

Short Fuse used to affect Iron Bear damage. This might have been unintentional, since the skill description makes no mention of this. It looks like in the process of scaling Iron Bear to Mayhem level that they unintentionally scaled Short Fuse.

Here is my build.

My bet is on it being Short Fuse. When I’m off work, I’ll try turning it off and redoing the boss encounter to see if that’s the case.

I don’t think Short Fuse is broken, I tried righ now against a DLC boss using my Sand Hawk, the damage with it is quite higher, but nothing out of expected, like without it I could take 1/4 of the enemy hp and with it 2/4 using the same amount of bullets.

That 60 percent dmg when both weapons the same I think is stacking multiplictively. My Ib does a lot of damage with it I equip a weapon with 130 percent bonus incend. dmg while ib active it kills a boss just as fast as my best weapons(if I don’t hit myself). I do not use short fuse either. Also wearing an elemental projector deathless and usually standing in fire from modifiers.