Moze having a pet mech?

I mean look at this, shes out of it. maybe down in one of her trees?


Apparently co-op friends can even ride the mech and shoot a turret.


Welcome to the party, Kiddo.


My assumption is shes going to be a direct mix of Gage and Axton. I’m sure shell have one skill tree for not having to be in the Mech when deployed, One tree for elemental damage of the Mech, and one that’s a new addition to the game. I’m just hoping they make her have a different game-play feel so its not like your playing Axton for another game.


And I hope you’re on the mark with that assumption.
A mix of my two favourite BL2 toons? Yes please!


To hell with the mech, what’s that she’s firing? Is it an actual minigun???


My theory is that her mech will have a different form based on which skill tree she goes towards. So people can customize and personalize their mech quite a bit.

Which makes me excited. I’ve already called dibs on her as my main. :smiley:

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Vlafof! You don’t need a better gun. You just need to shoot more bullets!
Either that or Torgue/COV. Torgue/COV guns in BL3 seem to have tubes and exposed wires which this gun appears to have.

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I’m gonna be using her to start the game. But I have one huge concern about her and it has to do with the guns on her mech. Borderlands turrets, whether vehicle or stationary, suck butt. So far, we’ve seen missile upgrades and what have you. But, axton got those on his turret and it didn’t really do much. Once inside uvhm, his turret was only good for aggro, getting buffs, and slagging. There was ZERO chance it would kill an enemy. Please, allow us to upgrade the damage/fire rate/ammunition of all her mech weapons. Maybe even have different tiers where you can increase damage on an individual gun.

I would really like if her mech had an auto pilot feature kind of like titanfall. So if your playing alone you have something that’s able to fight alongside you.


If Moze can possibly switch between controlling it from inside or let it be running alongside you as an AI ally I wont ever again play another VH. Ever.


Can be a passive

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She has does have a auto bear skill but the Mech does not move it stands in a place and attacks enemy for a duration (15 secs), after the duration ends the mech will charge at an enemy and self destructs.

To be short and concise and to the point without being too verbose or overly wordy…Yes:smile:

Like Deathtrap does for Gaige.

Axton and Gaige are my 2 mains in BL2 and I’m liking Gaige alot more than Axton because of the customization of Deathtrap in the skill trees. Moze is a gunner, read modified Axton, with a mech, read, modified Deathtrap. Moze will be my goto main when I start playing BL3.

Same here.
Moze first, followed by FL4K. Siren and Operative are due when I have a feel for the game. But in the end: You have to try them all! :wink:

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Thanks for thr head up FYI