Moze healing with Cartel

I really wish I had a novel dedicated to this, but its a work in process so I don’t. With Fish Slap recently added I looked for a useful combo for Moze. And I think I found one that could potentially super heal Moze. I’ve combined Fish Slap with the Knifeless Deathless Relic and so far am impressed by the results. Still experimenting so I’ll attempt to update this as needed. Happy Hunting.

Knife Drain Deathless, my bad. With my shields at 67k a single grenade heals for roughly 20k. Only the initial hit counts. I have no points in Vampyre.

Could also be huge with a Cutpurse.

Might make a Chuck build viable with Tediore pistols and SMGs.

Does the ASA 150% grenade damage buff work while Autobear is active? You could get back 50k shields per throw with Knife Drain.

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Auto bear doesn’t count. Eject is ASE.

You’re right though. Unstoppable tediore builds with Knife drain cutpurse

I just wish it wasn’t only Rubberized, I hate those.

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Same here. More often then naught I use em at close range. Hilariously it seems to land directly on their head.
For anyone unaware, if you hip fire a rapid fire gun you can toss a grenade without interrupting your RoF. You can rez teammates too.