Moze help for a noob

So I’m looking for a Moze build that suits me however I feel like I want too many things lol. I want to be able to hop into iron bear and it deal very good dps but I don’t want to be reliant on iron bear,basically I want a good overall build for higher mayhem levels but not spread my strengths across too many aspects if that makes sense. Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense I’m new to all this lol just don’t wanna be awesome in iron bear and bad out, or ace out and bad in iron bear.

Ps: hate the whole spawn iron bear and jump straight out thing, mechs are cool man! Lemme anhilate fools! Thanks for any and all help you can offer :slight_smile:

Sorta depends on what gear you have on hand and how you like to play, but here is the forum’s main repository for IB info and a couple of skill layouts.

If you’re really new and don’t have much gear, here are a couple of recommendations for easy-to-farm items that synergize well with Moze:

– Purple Atlas tracker grenades: These are good for procing Vampyr, which is you main healing skill. You can find them by farming ammo vending machines; look ones that have MIRV and Bouncy features on the item card.

– The Westergun: Dropped by Lt. Beans in Athenas, who appears after you complete a sidequest for Ava. Splash damage is Moze’s best friend.

– Mendel’s Multivitamin: The quest reward you get from Mendel on Athenas after completing his sidequest. It substantially boosts IB’s health. If you know how to save scum, try to get a version with anointed cooldown reduction or bonus health and shields on exiting IB (nice to have, but not necessary).

– The Scourge: Torgue rocket launcher dropped by Broodmother on Nekrotafeyo. Synergizes really well with Moze’s skill “Some for the Road.” The Torgue alien barrel rocket launcher (the Lump) and the ION Cannon (dropped by the Fabricator in the Handsome Jackpot DLC) are also really good.


You could try my recent build ‘Bearonator’. You don’t necessarily have to use Trevonators with it any good splash weapon works. It’s also quite versatile there is plenty of room for customization to fit your personal needs/playstyle.

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Wow! What a detailed response thanks so much!

Awesome man I’ll give it a go, love how I can respec whenever I want and try these builds lol I’ll give it a go! :smiley: YouTube doesn’t have many builds I like so thankyoum

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Friendly detailed responses thanks bros!

Can’t stress these enough. Easiest items to get and seriously versatile on Moze. Not the very best but like, I still use them all the time. I just did an M4 Takedown (scaled of course) using only westerguns for weapons and it was mostly a cakewalk.


Yeah … if you go to Athenas , your save point for Private Beans has a Ammo machine so you can farm the vending machine for grenades, kill chupacabratch for world drops and then on to Private Beans for a westergun. He drops them like candy so getting a roll and element you prefer is very doable. Clip size is super important along with the annointment. Private Beans also drops the front loader shield which can save you some points in you skill tree if you run a 0 health Moze.

I actually got a +160 splash damage flakker and a better cmod than I had at that time from Chupacabratch. So hes not nescesarry to farm. But it’s an easy kill and for me was well worth it.

As far as being like a 50/50 in and out of Iron Bear , heavy blue tree and heavy green tree with a green monster class mod worked pretty well for me. The idea is you are either in Iron Bear or your 2 magazine annointments are up. M4 wasnt as swift as other builds , but was doable.

if you are playing the splash tree, i would recommend “the piss” since you basically have infinite grenades and with the right anointment you can have +45% damage all the time.
gotta farm it in konrad’s hold from sloth. run through their hall 1 time and get to the save point with the vending machine right behind it. from there, you can easily farm, restock ammo and sell stuff