Moze inconsistent since hot'fix'

Before the hotfix my Kybs, Ghast Call, Mindsweeper Moze build was bulletproof for certain tasks. Sometimes she still walks right through the activity but suddenly, more often than not, they have become slogs, like there’s a skill or ability that’s just not proc’ing. Anyone else noticing a difference?

Can’t say that I have, but I’m not pushing the difficulty level either (NVHM and TVHM, M0). What level are you playing on?

I’m always on NVHM M4.

Edit---- thanks for the move, should have thrown it here in the first place.

Maybe try resetting the Mayhem level and see if it clears up?

I’ll give it a whirl but my FL4K and Zane are operating as before.

Maybe try re-equipping your class mod then? The only thing I seem to be using in common with your list is a cloning Ghast Call - I only just found my first Mindsweeper COM.

Swapped the Mayhem around, unequipped/equipped the mod…we shall see. It’s acting like the 125% splash damage isn’t reliably proc’ing.

Have you changed anything at all on your build?

I mean anything at all


Interesting. Maybe the 125 is messed up for some reason. It’s the generic anointment right?

You’re hitting crits too right…?

Crits all day long and yes, it’s the generic ASE.

I was hoping it was the Moze 120 one and you just made a typo. Could’ve been able to tell if it was proccing.

Its M4 as well so I don’t see modifiers being a huge deal.

What are you playing on? Pc ps4 or Xbox?

XBone X.

I’m more familiar with ps4, but google and see if there’s a way to clear the cache on the Xbox. On ps4 you have to turn the console off and unplug it for 30s. It’s fixed some problems multiple times for me, but it’s not magic.

Funny you should mention that because the game just crashed on me twice (XBone X known issue). I unplug it every time it does that…the last few runs have been more consistent.

I find my game works better after that happens too. The ps4 doesn’t crash but it blue screens and exits the app. I usually restart after that.

Personally I feel like the hotfix doesn’t fully apply (or possibly your internet went out for a split second) and it completely messes up the game.

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Try resetting your console’s cache. If you’re on console. Also, Loaded Dice artifacts appear to be causing an issue with Means of Destruction proc’ing grenades.