Moze insta-dead while inside iron bear

After 2 hours of trying thie newest takedown i always die while inside iron bear without a chanse to revive in the part where you have to charge 3 cristals, i checked if this was a modifier of chaos 10 and i dont have the “insta dead modifier”, then tried another time while staying away from covers and pilars to check if this was a problem about no space to put moze in revive mode (fight for life) and died anyways.

¿Anyone have this problem too?
¿Is there a way to avoid this)

Pd: While im outside iron bear i can enter fight for life whitout any problems

The only reasoning i can think of for “insta dead” is the fact of it being a timed area - if the crystals aren’t charged in time - they detonate; thus ending the run
Another thing IB wont save you from is the aoe of the mid boss