(Moze- Iron Bear Eject) pure virtual function being called white application was running (gisrunning = = 1)

Hi im posting this cause this error seems to occur extremely too often. After ejecting from moze i get this error that pops up in the middle of my crosshair with “pure virtual function being called white application was running (gisrunning = = 1).”. I would like to know if your team (gearbox) are looking into this issue that probably a lot of moze players are getting. It gets really frustrating while farming bosses and then im forced to relaunch every time this happens. Please look into this. I know your team is working hard to accomodate for the majority if not all. I’d appreciate it as well as all moze players with this. Thanks


Hi there! This isn’t really the thread for that since it sounds like something that is platform-specific (I’m guessing PC?) Best thing to do is file an official bug report. If you can confirm platform, I’ll move this thread over.

You’ve got me wondering, though, if this is the cause of the immediate eject from IB that can occasionally happen?

Yes PC specifically

All I can suggest at this point - other than standard PC trouble-shooting steps - is forwarding the error message and any other information you can glean via the support link.

Going to move this in to the Tech support section since it’s more likely anyone having the same issue will search there first.

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This error isn’t in relation to your character specifically. The problem is Unreal Engine 4. Perhaps the recent live patch broke something in the game code which is something you aren’t able to fix. We’ll just have to wait for Gearbox to fix it.