Moze iron bear glitch

Anyone else been having a glitch with moze’s iron bear where after activating it you instantly get kicked out of it?


This has happened on my Moze play through a few times, I haven’t been able to recreate it.

Ive had it happen more times then i can count on one hand. No clue why it happens im guessign it tries to digistruct into an object when it shouldnt and it just ejects you, but for some reason auto bear still kicks in… It’s a weird bug.

More like when i get in iron bear and as soon as i’m in i eject to auto bear it drops me through the world and kills me…which isnt too bad…except when it happens on every 2 boss fights

Same problem it happen to me sometime; i notified it is most of the time when i take damage, so i launch iron bear and i get kicked from it instantly…
I really hope they will fix this bug, because Moze have the longest cooldown of all the classes …

Yep… it starts to load the Iron Bear and then instantly closes it and your skill is on cooldown. I can’t identify anything specific that is causing it. It doesn’t happen every time, but it happens a lot… enough that I have stopped playing the mech character for now.

Had this happen too in the middle of a boss fight. Nearly died because of it.

try clearing your games cache, or completely powering off your console, that is how i fixed this issue and i havent had it happen since

try what I suggested, see if that works

I have seen that it happens when you are in an area the game thinks is a large enough space for Iron Bear, but suddenly you move, or it turns out the occlusion is just enough, maybe an enemy runs into you as you’re transforming etc. but this is when this has occurred for me.

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apparently its actually a cache problem

Regardless, they need to fix it.