Moze is broken plz fix gearbox

Why can’t be x-former wit 30k shield and insta regens and infinite grenade and no reload Lyuda?! Broken game very much thanks lots. I quit I go outerworlds getting on spaceship now …. OK no I stay but I play Amrar cuz SHE OP PLZ NERF AMARA NOT MOZE AMARA GET ALL THE TOYS AND MOZE CAN’T EVEN HAVE TEDDY BEAR. MISTAH TORGUE SAYS MORE EXPLOSIV AND YOU NO LISTEN??? I shock really…


Meme. review.

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Good gameplay man. Do You know any more buttons than “G”?
I main Moze, nerf destroyed her for me but, come on, I was throwing grenades only for heal… This is just bad.

Some of us prefer using grenades in immoral ways

But I could also press crouch if that’s any help

Congrats on not having the glitch I guess, every time I load in the grenades don’t respawn and there is no healing. The big boom blaster can only get you so far in a coop slaughter shaft any character can solo it its the fact that the tank of Bl3 has to run around with a 5000 shield and never stop throwing grenades to be viable that is the problem. I usually have 45k shields and use mostly guns, only a grenade every few seconds to sustain look how often your shield breaks the new glitch kills bloodletter. Sure there are usuable builds I guess but It doesnt keep it from making moze the most spongey vault hunter right now

Yeh I understand some people are glitched, but I doubt that’s the real problem for most. If you use a transformer you can throw a shock tediore reload at your feet and regen the entire shield instantly. Grenade spam / bloodletter is not a good combination atm, and I think it shouldn’t be since they already said they wanted bloodletter users to use ‘active’ ways to regain their shield. Having a 45k shield that never goes down with grenade spam and infinite ammo was too much, since you are basically getting the benefits of all 3 trees without being invested in them.

I definitely agree about the grenade spam but ive never really had infinite ammo, the ogre shoots alot but thats pretty much it. I’m ok with a infinite grenade nerf I thought the 1 grenade every 2 seconds was fine. My problem Is the change to Vampyre which is honestly right now hopefully a bug. I will try the electric reload which could work in the short term. Once they buff Iron bears damage and give It more health I’m switching to bottomless mags I like those skills better any way but right now I have beat the game as every character so all I do is slaughters . I’ll just run the halloween stuff as moze last untill I get some gear that will help her all of my things are geared toward a new build

Vampyr is fine if you’re trying to heal your normal health pool but not for a 45k shield. Shield of retribution needs a slight buff in order to make the massive shield actually regen. I think they should undo the bloodletter regen/delay nerf since it seems excessive after these new changes.

That would probably help because right now if you want the shield to regen by itself you have to wait forever im going to switch to a recharger and move some points around I have a crappy relic with health regen that will help. This whole is most likely a bug any way. if they make DOT grenades really not count then i need to start farming purple mirv tranfusions because most of the legendary grenades have gimmick damage not explosions

Yeh transfusions with 130% health regen and 60% shield regen should really help. Although you might still run out without a splash dmg weapon

I think this is a valid way to fix moze, since vampyr is not healing from beams anymore and you’re counting only on splash dmg to do so, flakker and ogre will get the job done but ogre dmg it’s meh unless you getthe x2 dmg but eats your magazine in no time. But if GB remove the bloodletter penalties, or at least soft them when you’re running a glass cannon SOR build and Moze survivability will improved a lot when using this class mod. You can improve this by using transfusions nades or make a tanky Moze with a master blaster mod and abuse of BM tree and the class mode splash dmg, now im counting 2 solid builds, make it 3 if they buff IB and you get to use bear trooper mods.
GB want more builds? now you have it: Glass cannon, Tank, and “Summoner” Moze

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look the way he plays in the movie is that FUN ??? i get pain in my head only looking at it basic of a game is having fun !!! they dont know that at borderlands i think nerfing things than get alot off angry fans over them what they then do is beyond me nerfing in secret wtf game is this!!!


There’s no need for a thread about a thread.