Moze is not broken and never was

I never post anything but I keep reading how Moze is useless. To be honest I have kept the same skills…don’t spam grenades or use deathless and shield regen…I used a recharger shield…I have NEVER left TVHM Mayhem 3 and my points are in bottomless mags and demolition woman. So how exactly is Moze broken? If I can use a random build without all the cheese and never leave Mayhem 3…how is she broken. I’m tired of seeing post after post on this. I haven’t even died in Mayhem 3 in 3 weeks!


Well, at the moment, Means of Destruction isn’t working at all, so there’s that. I mean, having a skill that currently does nothing, that MANY Moze players built around means something about her is broken, at least at the moment.


Well, if everyone besides you that has been using Moze is speaking up on it, then maybe there’s an issue. Moze is my character and I can say getting one tapped downed every two seconds isnt fun. And Iron Bear is a joke and everyone knows it.


she’s quite literally broken right now so i’m not even sure if you’re being serious with this thread.


I know after the patch something is off…but have you at least tried using a random/different build no one has tried?

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I have always found the bottomless mags skill tree weak . It doesnt even have a legendary class mod . It only has an increase of 36% in gun damage . The sor tree on the other hand can have over 100% gun damage from class mod bonuses. The bottomless mags tree also doesnt have any damage reduction or healing .

Just try a new build…all I’m asking is to try


I’ve tried a lot of builds. That’s not the point… You’re a bottomless mag build, imagine if redistribution just stopped working after a patch.


It’s not weak for me. I’m not trying to cause an argument. I’m just saying try Moze a different way and see if it works :man_shrugging:t3:


I use a Bottomless Mags/Demo Woman build with a Big Boom Shield/Blast Master Com so I never have to worry about reloading and losing the bonus. Still need grenades to survive hits from badasses and the like. The skill to regen grenades is currently broken and not wokring, so her survivability is in the toilet.


I’m on PC…my electric MIRV tacular HEX is still working and destroying shields and I’m still regenerating ammo and grenades by criting them.

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I dont wanna try a weaker build . For what reason ? I like to be powerful.


Have you gotten the new update? Because it’s broken for everyone else. Means of Destruction isn’t regenerating grenades or ammo on any of my splash damage.


Trying something new is nice and all… But skills not working still qualify the character as broken. Be willing to make that concession and folks may take your request with a grain of salt. Right now it comes across just like the whole Gearbox knows how we want to play better than we do and it’s just not working.


Yes I have and defeated the haunted boss 4 times…

My build is not weak…I’ve beaten every circle of slaughter and slaughter 3000…every trial.

Here is the fearmonger

u wont survive without the shield healing from the grenades in slaughter shaft mayhem 3 with 4 players other builds suck super hard not only that but ur skill is the most useless in the game right now.

I have one character, Moze. I cant play that much. The game ended for me today. I cant survive anything. I put it down to TVHM with no mayhem and I’m getting slaughtered.

How the hell are people saying shes not broken.


Well I was going to watch the thread and see if conversation developed into a more civil debate, but with 302 gold keys there’s probably other reasons that your build isn’t weak so this just stopped being worth my time. Happy hunting