Moze is too explosive

While playing moze on splitscreen, her explosive abilities make the screen shake so much and drops the frame rate so much that my game crashes. This is on console and I have no idea if it’s an easy fix or not but really hope you can make some improvements on this because I love moze so much and her explosive build is really fun to play with but kinda shiddy when a legendary drops and the game crashes. Love borderlands with a passion

I used to rock a pure explosive build on Moze even Iron Bear had rapid grenade launchers. I didn’t seem to have any issues other than creating mission progress blocks when I gone a bit crazy.

What console are you on? I’m using the first white Xbox One.

I’m not trying to sound condescending, but if you’re on console, try checking and cleaning any dust from the fan intake.

My biggest problem is I can’t see anything at all.

Maybe my eyes are getting worse, but I fail to remember being able to xray vision through solid white flashing light when I was a kid.

I wish there was an option to add faint outlines to enemies, I spend a lot of time just pointing in the direction of red dots.


I’m on xbox 1 X, cleaning the console is a great idea and I feel like an idiot for not thinking of that haha. But everything is fine with moze unless its split screen and which makes my game crash. Could be a maintenance issue with my console but I’m kinda hoping that gearbox can do something from their end

I find this the best thing, but I like to blow some ■■■■ up. What I do when I play coop (my friends are not really used to it) I point towards the red dots and I ping people so they can shoot the highlighted silhouette

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