Moze legendary class mod Rocketeer multiplayer bug

So I was curious if anyone else ran into this, but when using the legendary class mod Rocketeer, that makes auto bear last the full duration leftover from ejecting early but at the cost of reducting the cooldown, in multiplayer auto bear only last the 15 second base duration and then explodes and you still lose the reduced cooldown from ejecting early.

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I am actually experiencing this on my Moze as well and it’s quite irritating. Not sure why, but I have tried to leave my friends game and come back but it continues. Seems a lot of buggy stuff is happening to players other than P1. When I host a game, the mod works fine.

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So almost a year later and I’m experiencing this bug now playing on my friends hosted session.

He lives in the US where I live in SE Asia.

Rocketeer works fine on my own host, but not when I join his…

Maybe submitting a bug report might help?