[Moze] Level 57 prep what do your Skill Trees look like?

Been messing with the calc a bit. Here’s a few setups I’m excited to mess with.

How I’ll probably set up “Bearonator”:

Rocket Launcher build:
Desktop Screenshot 2020.03.24 -

Versatile loadouts:
Desktop Screenshot 2020.03.24 -

Desktop Screenshot 2020.03.24 -

Ofc this is just approximation because whatever class mod skills I have will change the exact setups I use.
This is just scratching the surface of all the variations that are going to be possible, so what are you thinking?

The word is that we’re definitely going up to level 57 then?

Yes confirmed on the Borderlands Show today.

I’m going with this. I don’t have a name for the build since it’s a pretty standard splash moze build. But it’s going to be using scourges with some for the road, consecutive hits westerguns (I’m sick of farming wotan for kybs worths), boom sickles, nukems, faisors, redline(for wotan), etc.

It’s a very high pressure build. I’m constantly snow drifting around the field, constantly freezing enemies with the westergun/kybs, killing weaker enemies with Iron Bear, getting overkill chains with the nukem, clearing out clusters of enemies with the scourge, and if i’m not doing any of that i’m just holding down the trigger with the boom sickle/faisor and holding on for dear life.

The Best Master i’m using gives +3 Vampyr/+1 PthP which lets me shuffle enough points away from the blue tree to pick up 3/5 in DiB. I’m excited to try it out. Not excited for all the farming that’s coming our way though.

Looking at your setup I realized I forgot Deadlines with Bearonator lol so I’ll have to change that just a bit!

Yeah it’s a nice skill to have. Sometimes I just want to kill enemies without worrying about my health and deadlines helps to stay in the Iron Bear a bit longer. Or if I need to regen some grenades/ammo it also helps to be able to stay in Iron Bear for longer than normal. I wish that it also refunded some of the cooldown on IB weapons too. I hate jumping around waiting for my miniguns to cooldown.

Do you realize you’ve specced for level 59?

Ah yeah your right I used the other calc instead of the one that goes by levels… yikes…

I’m going with this. I hope Short Fuse is able to proc Mind Sweepers micro grenades.

I can see that being a popular way to work non-splash guns into a more splash-centric build. I think I’m going to do this with my Vampyr-free build and replace the pee nade with a CMT that has a 25% damage bonus on throw anoint.

Lvl 57? I might start playing again. Took a break before the first level cap. 3 levels wasn’t worth farming for, 7 might be.



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If we’re getting 4 more levels that actually adds alot of room to shift a few builds around, now I’m thinking of a maliwan mindsweeper build I tried a while back.

I don’t even know what I’d do for my CCC Zane build. I don’t need the green capstone, and I’d have to rebuild significantly to go into drone + clone. I could do, but most of my spare gear is still under L53, so would rather keep with what I have until I can farm 57 well enough.

I’ll put 'em in something.

Moze was my main until they nerfed things. I have tried coming back but it hasn’t felt right, and I no longer have a good feel for her. Maybe the level cap will help.

I am thinking of trying this: Demolition with some defense and some ammo regen

No clue if this set up will be good.

another question is, will lvl cap increase come at the same time as the dlc in 2 days?xD

I’ll go for this on my splash build

Whereas on my Mozecutive hits I will probably try something like this


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