[Moze] Level 57 prep what do your Skill Trees look like?

I think the new Cookie Cutter is going to be Short Fuse/Specialist Bear/Experimental Munitions.
Being honest, I think Im going Specialist Bear/Desperate Measures/To the Last with a Mindless setup. :thinking:

depends if they’ve changed anything with moze once the patch hits for me. otherwise i’d prolly go full blue/green.

I so want to go full Forge/Short Fuse with a Shreddifier and Green Monster and never let off the trigger. Not sure how survivable it would be, though.

For IB build I can do what I’m doing now except take a full 5 ranks in Vampyr instead of 2.

Looks solid! I think it has been discussed somewhere but why do you spec just 1 point to Fire in the Skag Den?

Because the damage of it sucks and isn’t usually worth using the points if you have something else to spend it on. The 1 point is to proc DOTs for Consecutive Hits anoint.

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Okay, that makes sense, thanks!

I’ve been trying to think of different builds, but every single one comes back to DW. :\

DW is just too strong of a tree. It’s got Moze’s main source of survivability AND her biggest source of damage in Short Fuse. Plus you need it for Auto-Bear, which makes a great distraction and adds more damage. BM/SoR just can’t compete due to much longer kill times, reliance on Deathless for high shields and any kind of sustain. Hell, a non-splash gun does more damage thanks to Short Fuse than it does with 3 ranks in Desperate Measures in a 1 HP build. Heck, even using a different type of COM other than BM (Monster or Mindsweeper), you’re better off going down to Short Fuse than pumping points into SoR past Experimental Munitions. The only COM that’s usable with SoR really is Bloodletter and that requires points in DW for Vampyr still.

Fingers crossed the new patch balances things better, but I’m not holding my breath.

I’m going to ignore DW for this DLC and just play with the new COM and this build:


Can I ask something? Why Security Bear? Not being sarcastic or anything like that, but genuinely curious. Does it have a hidden effect?

No special reason. I just add it when I don’t have Vampyr if I plan to use Bear at all even if the build is not a Bear build (and I usually do in story missions).
If I were trying this build in the Takedown or something like that I’d probably shift Specialist Bear, one Matched Set and Security Bear into either Click, Click or Behind the Iron Curtain, depending on my gear.

I get that. Behind the Iron Curtain is what I was thinking too for the points from Specialist and Security Bear. Otherwise exactly what I was thinking of trying with the new COM. Also a grenade that is not a tracker or epicenter. Pretty tired of both. Will see how that ends up looking.

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I use it because if I time it right I can get out of the Iron Bear with a bubble shield that protects me which, can let me fire off a couple of rocket launcher shots safely.

Also, I need 5 points to get to Drowning in Brass ._. The bubble shield is one of those 5 points


Does it protect Moze if she’s inside it while Auto Bear is active? That could make Rocketeer interesting to try.

It sort of does. Sometimes certain things get through it. It’s a janky skill but usually worth 1 point if you have it.

Sometimes it just doesn’t even work though, like it just doesn’t activate.

Ah well… too bad. Still might give it a try with Rocketeer after the level cap increase.

I heard Zane’s Berrier sometimes has similar issues with things getting through.

The issue with the bubble is that it doesn’t recharge when Auto Bear is out : /

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Oh well… my interest just took a real hit. :frowning:
Still might give it a try. Less hopeful now with the amount of damage it will be taking in M4.

I’d list that as one problem, along with sometimes not even charging while in IB, it sometimes breaks instantly, it let’s some projectiles through, and the stupid 5 second initial delay makes it so much worse than it could be.

But still, a single point is still worth it in a lot of builds.

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Sounds a bit bugged. Or is it supposed to work like that? Dunno, but I hope it gets patched/buffed.

The delay is apparently supposed to be how it is, as it’s been like that in ps4 since release. And I think pc was changed to have the delay, I can’t remember though. It’s also not supposed to recharge with autobear for some reason, which seems like a big oversight.

It breaks instantly sometimes because of mayhem modifiers and some enemy attacks are just way too OP.

The rest are bugs that have been around since release.

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