Moze Leveling questions

Just started playing Moze after finishing the game in TVHM with Fl4K and Amara, and was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to level up the Gunner lady.
So far i’ve been puting points into the green three for ammo, is it worth to go all the way in the green three? What have you guys used?

Dip into the blue tree to get means of destruction, then the green tree.

Worked well for me

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I main moze, my advice is to start with the red tree and bring up her defences, then green tree, then blue tree taking the fuel reductions and armour

You will find later towards end game IB is of little to no use other than an oh ■■■■ regen my shields support

So the blue tree becomes of little use even though there are some great skills for moze her self your spending points in places you will get no use of just to unlock the better rewards for moze …

I chose to not use any in the blue tree and respec mostly into green and red

Taking the last skill in the green for the infinite ammo, I have a class mod or artifact that boosts my splash and explosive damage by a percentage for the length of time moze goes with out reloading and with AR and SMG I can go a bloody long time


Red tree, blue and gree tree first few rows in each for early levels, later respec and ignore the blue tree unless you’re building for explosions

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Blue and Green trees for the most fun.

3/3 Deadlines (blue tree, first tier) really expands the amount of time you can spend in Iron Bear. Definitely worth it while leveling. It’s well known that Iron Bear starts to fall off later (not quite as useless as some say, but potency is decreased), so might as well have the maximum amount of fun with it while you can.

I used the Shield tree for the durability and gun damage and it worked great.

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