Moze LF annointed Brainstormer

Looking for Annointed Brainstormer, any annoint that’s useful to Moze(no sliding or accuracy).

Have lots of annointed items to trade, annointer terror gear and many +50 elemental shields and grenades to trade

PSN: Darthquixote777

Do you use Iron Bear?

If not your pretty limited on what’s useful to Moze.

Killing anointment, consecutive hits, below 25% health, or sliding damage is about all I can think of for Moze that do not require Iron Bear.

If you use iron bear then I have plenty of brainstormers with next two mags bonus elemental damage ASE.

Do you have any Last Ditch Bloodletters with decent gun damage rolls or hp regen?

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Yeah, I use IB on cooldown for annoints. I can have cooldown back shortly after Autobear is over. But just something general purpose like +50% ele ASE/+ weapon damage/next two mags etc.

If it next two or 50% ASE I would prefer Incendiary but it’s whatever. Just trying to round out my last few pieces of gear.

I do have multiple Bloodletters as I’ve kept them but never used them.

I’ll check what I have when I’m on tomorrow.

Thanks for responding!

I got annointed brainstormer with the next 2 mags doing bonus shock damage.

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I need non-redundant. What would you be interested in for trade?