Moze + low health + (hopefully) Bee shield = BROKEN

With Desperate Measures(up to +51% gun dmg when health is low enough) and an amp shield like the Bee, Moze will be a powerhouse that is leagues better than other VH’s.

If you stack points into her insane shield skills like Thin Red Line and Vladof Ingenuity then get her health low to get that full +51% dmg from DM plus the amp dmg from “NuBee” (New bee - Newbie, get it? haha) she will be a beast.

Getting stacks of Drowning in Brass, Phalanx Doctrine, and her other crazy gun buff skills makes her just silly powerful.

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You can never have enough…


I’m pretty sure you have to be downed to get the full damage buff from skills like Desperate Measures and I don’t think gearbox would add the bee again

please let the Bee shield not be in any future BL game ever…


The problem with the Bee stems from the design of Hyperion shields and scaling as a whole. So. Hyperion’s thing is Staying Accurate. So a good theme for a Hyperion Shield is to have something that rewards accuracy. A damage bonus to snipers sounds great, but how can we do that without SAYING this shield is only for snipers. Oooh. Bonus one shot one kill potential by boosting your first shot’s damage so a crit can do massive work! But also, make it so it depletes the shield so it’s no good for close combat. And only works when full!

Then…hyperion snipers aren’t good for critical one shot kills… So…they missed there.

To make sure amp damage didn’t just last forever, they had to make it a static number instead of a percentage boost so it could scale.

Then the only way they could think to make it interesting for a legendary was to make an amp shield with no drain.

Which they then had to balance enemies around the existence of, because otherwise, Bee users would say the game was too easy

It was a long string of decisions that just added to a disaster


The bee isn’t coming back, thankfully.

The rerouter is coming back though, and I expect them to add a couple more unique amp shields as well. Amp shields in BL3 appear to give +% gun damage instead of a flat damage bonus. I’m worried that normal amp shields will still be kinda meh, but the shield system seems diverse enough that people will come up with something

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I personally think a bunch of meh shields might be what we need? Like. I don’t mean it that way, but that I think maybe we don’t need over the top ridiculousness? That our shields should be kinda neat little boosts that make nice utilities. I’m stoked that shields in BL3 will have multiple effects sorta like the Hide of Terra. The fact that it was the highest roid, a really high nova, and a spike made it feel like you were giving something up if you picked a shield with just one of those.

I am stoked to see what our characters can do with a possible legendary amp shield though. Imagine an amp shield with Moze’s splash damage stuff! (Ha, I got this back on topic?)


The problem is as you say in the last part, it forced the entire endgame of BL2 to be designed around it…yeah, uh nty for BL3 please on that one

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I agree with all of you that the bee SHOULDN’T come back…but I’m just sawing IF it did how insane Moze would be with a near unlimited mag, high fire rate and insane damage.

To you specifically plenipotence, how do you know what is and isn’t coming back fro BL3? Do you have a reference vid or something we can see? I haven’t seen Gbox talk about returning items yet.


Here’s my two cents.
From what I’ve seen, even if they do bring back the bee, Zane will be able to take advantage of it (and more generally draining amp) most often (although perhaps not most damage per shot), because of all of his shield recharge skills and the barrier potentially doubling the amp damage via his capstone. Moze does have Full Can of Whoop Ass, so that’s amp every time you use Iron Bear, but all users can use those fancy new grenades that recharge shield, and Zane sports Calm, Cool, Collected which I think is a bit better than Moze’s Force Feedback for recharging shields.

I think if you can maintain a one-shot-wonder build it’d be Moze’s all the way, but if the preview streams have shown anything it’s that getting nicked is super easy.

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I know that the bee specifically isn’t coming back because @Derch asked the weapons team. I don’t remember if he mentioned it in any of his videos but he did in this reddit comment. As for other legendaries, it’s just what people have spotted in the various gameplay videos. We haven’t seen many shields but a good number of weapons are known.


Thanks. I haven’t paid close enough attention to the shields in streams. Good points.