Moze matched set skill question

Can someone please explain how this works…like really dumb it down. I think I am over thinking it but I don’t understand the matches set part of the skill.
Thought & opinions please.

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Okay. Thank you! That makes sense. I will keep this in mind.

If I had the extra points I’d spec this just for the extra 10% mag size at 5/5
I just got a legendary Vladof pistol, unending magnificent I think, and with redistribution + 150 mag size I still haven’t reloaded it once. The more bullets I put in there the faster I get them back per crit

Yes I realized, I’m just thinking about how devastating this skill could be with that pistol

Each item of the same brand you have equiped goes towards the bonus, if you have lets say 5 points in the skill it gives 10% magazine size per piece, so if you have 3 pieces you get 30% higher magazine size for all your weapons as long as you have them in your character, of course backpack doesnt count.

Its a highly underrated skill, im running a vladoof only build and i get INSANE magazine sizes for just 5 points, and that makes “redistribution” very powerfull, i dont even run more points in that tree and i have infinite ammo in my AR’s.

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Grenade mods and shields also have a manufactorer. So if you can fill out each slot with the same manufactorer then you can get +60% magazine size from it.

I think you can only do this for Hyperion. But if you are running a infinite ammo build around the Butcher it can be worth it. All the good shields (Frontloader, Stop-Gap, Re-Charger, Transformer) are built by Hyperion and there are also good Hyperion grenade mods (like the Stormfront).

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Exactly, only hyperion, and i think thats ■■■■■■■■, vladof had shields before bl3…

Has anyone done further research into the matched set skill? Wondering if you can have multiple differing manufacturers, for example 2 Jakobs, 2 Hyperion, 2 Atlas, getting you 3 total matches across 3 manufactures rather than a full matched set from 1 manufacturer

That would be 20% bigger mag when using Jacobs/Hyperion/Atlas.

I thought it would be 10% Jakobs, 10% Hyperion, 10% Atlas. Why 20% total? Maybe messing up simple math on my part…

I think it adds 10% for every gear of the same manufacturer. It’s easy to test in game.

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