Moze - Means of Destruction, and IB

Here, I intend on giving Gearbox a few ideas to help balance Moze.

  1. Means of Destruction.

If no one has already suggested it, because it seems like a pretty obvious idea - Means of Destruction should have two separate triggers - one timed trigger for ammo regeneration chance, and another for grenades.

So many people are either complaining about the nerf of this skill, or other’s are downright begging for it to be nerfed.

In hindsight, the skill is meant to give you infinite ammo, and grenades. Though, I’d wager that it’s supposed to be by chance, not consistency.

Anyways - what I’ve tried saying, and what has clearly went over most people’s heads is the fact that this skill isn’t only meant for grenades. Gearbox clearly realized this, too, regarding the very recent hotfix.

With the recent hotfix, we’re back to being God’s of Destruction, with little means of effort!

The problem here is, too - Gearbox set the initial gameplay standards of everyone being crazy powerful, and now people can’t take playing the game normally or with diversity.


The trigger for grenades should have a three second delay. That seems pretty reasonable. It wouldn’t break it, or literally break it.

My initial problem with the delay was - it nearly broke my Flakker. Yeah, it’s the best shotgun in the game – may as well be a friggin grenade launcher.

That probably seems like some dumb rant. However, Moze is the only character in the game who utilizes specific weapon types, and Manufacturers (singular). Hint - EXPLOSIONS?!

SO! I’d say that the delay for weapons should have a one second delay. That should be reasonable, seeing as how two seconds nearly screwed us.

  1. IB! = Ironic Burden?

Anyways - this one is equally as important for our endgame.

Instead of only being able to pilot IB, we should be able to summon (him/her/them?) in for backup.

This would really benefit Moze, and encourage so much more diversity! Plus, it wouldn’t be against her lore - and, if anything, it’d showcase more of her lore!

However - the biggest reason why I’m bringing this up, and most importantly, regarding our endgame - ANOINTED GEAR!

At this point, it isn’t really worth having to go out of your way to activate an anointed buff. Especially taking 7-8 seconds to do so, whereas, every other character can instantly take advantage of those buffs.

So… hopefully this was seen as constructive criticism, and thank you all for reading…!

I don’t think the ammo regen needs a delay while the grenade bit probably does. I’m guessing the issue is it might not be possible to give them 2 separate values since they operate on the same mechanic.

You can already use Iron Bear for backup (Auto Bear), but its only out for a short period. I think the problem is most people wanted to enact Pacific Rim, but instead of being Gypsy Danger they became the 3-armed one which got its head ripped off in 5 seconds.

I cant tell you how much I despise the idea of yet another ****ing deployable turret. I will literally stop playing the game in the off chance Gearbox loses its mind and somehow remove ability to ride IB and make him yet another boring , generic turret.

Ugh. No thanks. Thankfully the chances of that ever happen are none to none.

If you want that you can just have a 1 point skill or something, or ability to hold down button to deploy as a boring turret , but I want the ability to keep pressing a button and hopping into a bad ass mech, thank you very much!!

I think the suggestion is to have both options - ride it or summon it. For annointed, the animation is long indeed.

Also, having a delay only for grenades is the best option imo for Means of Destruction. But the problem is that the ticks also regen grenades so the Hex becomes almost broken. It gives you ammo and health sustain so you are basically unkillable as you wont run out of grenades.

Means of Destruction would be balanced for MIRV grenades like we had in BL2, cause they spawned child grenades but not damage over time. So a x10 MIRV would have a 60% total chance to restone a grenade with 6% per grenade chance.