Moze mod suggestions

First post here, just had a thought on improving Moze, who is kinda stuck using bloodletter and blast master and sometimes mine sweeper, so a suggestion I have is give her a mod that focuses on bottomless mags, with a perk like more damage the longer you don’t reload or maybe give her overall boosts that increase the longer you go without reloading, for example start with 1% move speed and lifesteal that goes up to 10%, or a mod that significantly reduces iron bear up time but massively increases its damage

Any other suggestions in hopes that we might get more unique mods for each character since gearbox is actively listening at our feedback

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There is literally a mod that does that :stuck_out_tongue:

Which mod gives iron bear damage? Cause the mod I’m suggesting is more to make iron bear a big nuke that basically only gets to fire once but deal a huge amount of damage, and the bottomless mags mod is more to give you bonus stats that Moze is lacking instead of more damage, which you don’t need since infinite ammo is a big dps increase to fast fire rates so it would be more effective to give her something like movement speed and lifesteal, 2 things she is lacking

Blast Master does exactly that.

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Blast master is a demo woman com…

Yes, but that’s exactly what it does: gives you more damage the longer you don’t reload

Sadly, it’s splash damage only.

Bottomless Mags really does lack a good COM of it’s own. 4 out of the 5 we’ve got are DW focused and 1 is SoR.

I could see something where the longer you fire, the more damage builds up or the faster your fire rate becomes. Kinda like a version of Sal’s “Keep Firing” from BL2.

The op was asking for a bottomless mags com that had a legendary effects.

I’m holding out hope that Mind Sweeper becomes a BM com since next to no one running Demo uses it over Blast Master or Bloodletter.

Change the 4-5 points in Demo Woman skills to Scorching RPMs and either Cloud of Lead or Stoke the Embers. If we want to get crazy, change the micro-grenades into sticky explosives to improve consistency.

Is there a plus 3 low life?

Any of the skills in Low-Life can go up to +3. Get ready to sacrifice a flock of goats to RNGesus to get the roll you want though. I’ve been on the hunt since the Bloodletter change.

Yeah I’m after a +3 in desperate measures

I feel your pain. So does Graveward.