Moze Mod tweek idea

To Gearbox, I know you guys are constantly updating and patching the game, you even gave buffs to the Vault Hunter pets which I really, really appreciate because it opens up new viable playstyles for Mayhem mode----but I have one little gripe about inconsistancy

I like Moze’s kit idea but I hated the exicution on release with how weak Iron Bear was in Mayhem. People automatically went to an infinate ammo spam playstyle with her. I’m not against this but it just feels bad having my favorite Vault Hunter feel so clunky. All the other Vault Hunters have very healtht gameplay, incorporating multiple uses of their action skills throughout their gameplay, actions skills which A) do not hinder gameplay speed and B) feel very fluid as they have low cooldowns or multiple uses.

I’m not asking for power creep or anything and I really love the new Moze mod even if Iron Bear is a bit weak to focus on for Mayhem 4 Maliwan Takedown. I would love, and I mean LOVE to see one simple gameplay update that truely doubt would break the Vault Hunter in any way.

Moze is a soldier that fought side by side her best friend the Iron Bear, and I love that, but the gameplay experience you get while playing her makes it feel like Iron Bear is always just an after thought, a nuicense to use or just not worth to use.
Iron Bear got buffed to be more viable but it feels like it’s only become more viable for old content.

Moze has amazing mods and I really love the idea of the new mod that you guys released for her. This had me wishing that one of the older mods had a little bit of a touch-up. I’m not asking for any more damage to be put on the mod but can I beg for an update on the Rocketeer mod? I think most people would LOVE this idea. Rocketeer allows Moze to have a long lasting Iron Bear to fight along with her, but only sort of. It’s just a super long extended version of the Security Bear node she has in her Skill Tree. I was thinking that to give that true feeling of fighting side by side your Iron Bear you could make this mod simply add 2 new commands attached to the action skill button on the hold function. I would love it if you could give Iron Bear a follow/hold command function that would allow Iron Bear to move along with Moze for its duration with the Rocketeer mod, or sit in a location and hunker down for you just by holding the action skill button to toggle between modes. It would have a similar feel to issuing attack commands like Fl4k making her feel sort of like a field commander issuing orders.

Im almost certain anyone would love this, it would give Iron Bear an actual companion feel, like Zane’s Drone and Digiclone, or Fl4k’s pets. And the best part is you wouldn’t have to buff the damage anymore for Mayhem 4 Maliwan where I believe the mech is just a bit too weak for that content. It would be the same old Iron Bear, just tagging along giving you fire support and a little defense bubble during the fight.

I know you guys will probably never see this or read through all of this so I will probably keep posting and continur to beg for this so that more people might see and want this as well. I really do like the game and think that you guys are doing a great job with the new Borderlands game. Please do consider this plea for a small little change.

tl;dr: Please apply a Follow/Hold toggle function to the Rocketeer Legendary mod usable by holding the action skill button

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