Moze mods! Whacha need?

I have a ton of moze mods. If you are looking for something, let me know and it’s yours! (Or something close to it).

Any decent raging bear?

I’ll just send you some. I realized I have 4 mules of mods last night. All Moze.

Your awesome!! Thanks so much!

Any blast masters with splash and weapon damage?


Laggy j

I’ve sent too much mail. I have to wait to send more. :neutral_face:

I’m looking for a good splash damage blast master if you’ve got any laying around.

do you have a bloodletter with +2 thin red line and +2 desperate measures by any chance ? I’d be really grateful for that.

Bear trooper with 5 into stainless steel bear maybe?
or rageing with 5 stainless

or rageing with 3 deadlines?

GT- ForgedPatriarch

Any mind sweeper w/ grenade dmg, crit dmg, wpn/splash dmg and 1 in redistribution and none in TCP would by joypukingly insane ;-p