Moze Moving within a Bubble? What Shield?

Last night I was in a raid and got cornered and smoked darn it…then proceeded to spectate a Moze player that was moving inside a bubble shield…similar to Zane players.

Never seen that before.

What shield was he using?

Now this guy was ONLY using a Fire Kybs worth and would not switch elements AT ALL…EVER…so I am not sure of his knowledge or skill.

But heck, he did not die and I did so who am I to talk.

Anyway…the shield intrigued me.

I am not aware of any shield in the game that does this. Possibly cheating?

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Well…me either…

Possibly some Purple red text that is not well known??

We did go a few runs and he died once and texted something about he screwed up and the enemy got inside his bubble.

And if he were cheating…you’d think he’d just be SMOKING things left and right and while this guy seemed to stay alive…he killed things REALLY slow. I mean fire on a fire immune enemy slow…lol

I am intrigued to know for sure.

Possibly a quest rewarded shield. I have pretty much all the legendary shields and I have no idea which one would do that.

Me too…and this was NOT IB’s bubble…

He was outside of IB…moving around in a bubble approx the same size as Zane’s…but without the shield panels.

This bubble was perfectly round. A true bubble…lol

probably the relic slam effect that creates a shield

Safeguard “my own little bubble”

Yeah it’s the safeguard

or I think the stop-gap/Last-Stand also gives a bubble effect during the duration (could definitely probably be wrong about that).