Moze nerfed again

She wasn’t nerfed directly but all the stuff needed for her splashdmg build are nerfed into the ground. Flakker, even lasersploder, and especially the grenades used to recover our shield. I’m gutted.

I think it might slow her down a bit but not completely stop her. Also several other guns were upgraded and they’re clearly looking into the action skills that suck, so I trust she’ll remind viable.

Have faith, Vault Hunter!

That ■■■■ was over the top and brought down to more reasonable levels. I mean, we know Hex and Flakker were OPAF, not sure what’s the surprise.

I still do not see infinite grenades fix though, guess that’s still coming sometime later.

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Brought down to reasonable levels? You have to reload after every shot and the dmg sucks now? Why would I still pick it?

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Because you are immortal with a ton of ammo refund and Flakker is not the only gun ingame.

Heck, Hex is not the only grenade ingame either, btw.

I might try the Westergun now. It’s splash damage and has no charge time. Especially now that they nerfed the Cutsman.

flakker is the only gun doing dmg for moze cant prove me wrong i have tryed everything in circle of slaughter mayhem 3 with 4 players nothing else does dmg and now with the flakker probably gone i think ill just start another character :smiley:

Damn. I wonder how I managed to get through slaughter shaft on tvhm mayhem 3 solo several times? I didn’t use a flakker, but your extensive research and completely valuable hot-takes must mean that I simply imagined it.


Not with an attitude like that.


Instead of spamming Flakker, spam Scourge… problem solved.

I love when these guys say things like ‘prove me wrong’ and never actually tried a fraction of other splash guns out there.

Like in BL2.

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Or just play moze the way she’s meant to be played. The gun damage benefits available in every skill tree make any gun in the game viable in the right circumstance. Whether you want to boost splash damage through DW or get 6 points in Desperate Measures to make every gun a beast. Moze excels at everything without specializing in anything. Match elements and adapt to the mayhem mods and I’m positive that 80% of the people complaining about the flakker would quickly find something else that works just as well.


I have in my possession and have tried all splashdmg guns. I use westergun as well, and I like it’s dmg, but I just don’t like how it shoots. Somebody mentioned Scourge. Same there, I don’t like playing with it. I agree Flakker was OP for some builds, but honestly 30% nerf??

ok guys show me a video in slaughter shaft mayhem 3 with 4 players i want to see how fast u are killing a single badass.

I’m not arguing the severity, yeah maybe it’s too much, but I stopped using flakkers when I started using launchers, personally. They just kill things faster.

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This. ^

What launcher do you play with? I haven’t really found one that does it for me. I tried annexed Jericho, but it’s unpredictable for me.

Is that you? Lead Character and Combat Designer? lul

People can choose to play Moze however they like and I prefer stronger builds, sue me.

Epic Vladof with Mortar or Rocket Salvo, preferably NOT annexed as the 2x reduce underbarrel damage. Is it easier to use than flakkers? nope, you need to have some anticipation and a bit of timing, but it erases everything.