Moze nerfed again

That was kind of my point. The flakker is so devastating on moze because she boosts every aspect of it. You can replace it with something else and still melt, because moze is doing most of the work with her splash skills.
It wasn’t her only option for strong splash damage

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Quit complaining. I’ve seen Moze players using those weapons wreck everything in seconds in Mayhem 3. Moze was overpowered and you know it.


This game is broken has hell! Bethestsa is almost a saint when it comes to videogames, they tell ous is not how the game launches it whats it become!!!
If you ask me thats ■■■■■■■■. Borderlands 3 is one of the whorst disepointment so far this year…

OK… I legit have to ask OP now. Did you like actually try it or just rushed to cry on forums?

Go log into game now, quite frankly - nothing changed at all in regards to Hex/Flakker build. You still don’t need to reload it and Hex still makes everything infinite and you still destroy ■■■■ in droves.

The only REAL change is that you now can run out of ammo with Flakker, but then you can just switch to Scourge. /shrug


Flakker now is a Boss/Baddas killer with Some for the Road, only being more difficult to use against mobs because of the reload after every shot.

If you are having a hard time killing Badasses, save IB for these times. Auto Bear can even help you with 15% damage debuff :smile:

Yeah, it’s mind boggling how quickly he dismissed the Scourge for Slaughter Shaft like that and claim he ‘tried’ it… Maybe he doesn’t like how it easy it is to just shoot the sky so that everything dies… You can literally live off scourge + infinite ammo nade spam standing in one corner in Slaughter.

Pretty much what I was doing really, tried now after hotfix - same ■■■■. Nothing changed whatsoever, I still met everything in Slaughter with infinite Scourge+Hex.

Heck, I personally prefer Scourge to Flakker, because it has amazing range. Flakker is like my side arm when I really have some huge ass clump of everything in front of my face.

As for Flakker, still don’t need to reload, same as Scourge - you just proc 1 ammo from MoD in like 0.1 second and it’s good to go.

I’d say Moze really went out strong with that Flakker change - we’re pretty much still have it at no reload, while every other VH will have to reload and it still does insane damage even with 30% nerf.

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That’s what I’m thinking too, but can’t test for myself yet.

If I can regen spam a 1 shot Big Boy Rocket from a Vladof, I can probably regen a 1 shot flakker.

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Yes it works. With Means of Destruction you almost immediately regen that 1 ammo you need to shoot without reloading.

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with the slow flakker fire rate, you’re right, I can see it absolutely working.

The Flakker had a bigger mag size in BL2 than in BL3 actually (both 15, but the BL2 Flakker was 4 ammo per shot).

Oh @Gaidax, here we go again. Can we at least test the changes to see if Moze is still “immortal” by your definition before we jump to this conclusion.

So “test” it… I mean, get in and play. Or what, I need to give you another video?

Here’s the very difficult test: start the game, go to M3 Slaughter, do absolutely same thing you did before hotfix, report back.

I’ve never asked you for any video. And YES, let’s get in and play with it.

Already did, 1 ammo flakker and nerfed hex (verified from tooltip) - nothing changed in the end. Flakker 1 ammo regens almost immediately, Hex still wrecks, Moze still immortal.

Awesome that you tested. Based on your testing, did the HEX and Flakker nerfs, slow Moze down, materially?

Unnoticeable really. I mean, of course it does in the grand scheme of things, less damage is less damage. But you still cleave through slaughter like hot knife through butter.

OK, so 18 minutes for full Slaughter Shaft M3. Definitely slower, I’ll have to live with it.

Uploading vid for fun.


They will need to literally nerf like 30% of guns in existence until we start running out of good options.

I’m not even talking about DLCs which will probably introduce another bunch of OP ■■■■ that will get inevitably nerfed.

The only one nerf I really dread coming is nerf to infinite grenades, but we will have to wait and see just how far they will push that one and there was already an awesome idea to use that shield that has 60% chance to drop grenade ammo.