Moze Nerfed ? no regen of granades and shields

Hex (and similar grenades like the Storm Front) no longer register as splash damage. So using these grenades will not regenerate grenades from the damage they deal. They also won’t regen shield each time they hit, meaning if you throw a Hex and it hits one enemy for the life of the grenade, you will only heal once. This destroys Moze completed hope this is a bug and not a real nerf. have this since the new update launched today


She was very fun to play but I’ve moved to other toons. She’s the most limited of all four and her action skill is lackluster and now lacks the same feel after her
and her gear adjustments.

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this has nothing to do to this wat i said because in this patch there was no talking about a nerf like this so why i cant regen granades any more like i did yesterday ???

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I’d hope that they would release notes if they changed that.

I haven’t seen or heard of any nerf to moze.

I’ll try a build later today.

While the build was a bit over the top. They need to adjust her other skills to give her a other means of regaining health back.

please look on twitch and the newest vid about mozerker from killersix u will see that i am realy not the only one

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Because the hex duration was nerfed and her grenade regen was nerfed with a timer. It’s also sometimes buggy, I have noticed the same thing for a week. I felt no difference playing her yesterday as the week before.

bro i am not able to get ANY granades if i throw a hex or stormfront this is not normal i cleared in easy mode mayhem 3 since hex nerf and now with the newest patch nothing with this issues that i said on top

i only get granades if i shot my ogre thats it

‘Bro’, is this as of yesterday’s update or was there another overnight? What I am trying to tell you is that I had no difference running her after yesterday’s update unless you’re talking about another update late last night (EST).

i simply downloaded the 6GB patch for xbox starting bl3 go on with my moze and see the diffrence that i try to tell you

Thank you, so there was a legit patch, haven’t seen that yet. Will give it a go after work, the way they have treated her it wouldn’t surprise me that she got nailed again.

the funny thing is on my pc version with the same patch there is nothing like this with moze XD

It’s not a nerf, it’s how the skill was Intended to be.
“regenerates a portion of shields for each enemy hit” not “each time you hit the same enemy”

i know and hex and stormfront hits multiplie times so 100% a bug

There’s a post about the patch…seems Moze’s grenade regen is pretty much non-existent for all.



hope its a bug and not a nerf because granades deals splash dmg

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Definitely, this is character crushing.

and dont forget the non existing shield regen so idk GB has said last week they wont nerf in future only buffing fl4ks pets and iron bear and now this heavy nerf and no call about it ?? makes me crazy

The same enemy multiple times. Which means you’ll only get t by e regen once since you’ve only hit 1 enemy

yesterday all fine today new patch nothing worked sry but a recurring hex and 1hp build u can not die even after hex nerf so please @ItsOnlyMe85 look wat a moze can do extremly in arena.