Moze new class mod

its called “eternal flame” so my guess was pretty accurate about what it will do^^
someone screened it?

I think this was how we predicted it. I read the name but I wasn’t able to screenshot it

well, i think we can go through the stream again and screenshot all the legs

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moxsy is going through the legs

switching channels


I’m thinking we can use this new com to spam IC so we can always trigger that nuke rad augment when IB is deployed and destroyed

Edit: But to what content lol?

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Does that mean the IC fuel/duration would reset while it’s still deployed? Do we know if there’s a ceiling to the +0.5%/sec gun dmg from Efficiency Engine yet? If there’s no cap and Cub can stay out for long periods of time that sounds like it could be insane after awhile

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I think it will reset the fuel but will also destroy the current IC. Not sure until we can play it

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Pretty cool concept (and good name), but I think the Flare will end up being the goto for IC builds. People always take more damage over something like this, plus Moze has plenty in her kit, plus the new tree to minimize down time


I can only picture this only really being used with Baby Nukes, if it works like I think it does. Won’t pair well with the gun damage boost while action skill is on cooldown. But that’s not surprising… GB likes to Moze to have things that work against each other.

If it just resets IBs fuel, it would kinda make the rest of the fuel skills redundant.

All in all, it seems extremely limited in use.

How much you want to bet Amara’s new com destroys everything?

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No need to bet; it’s already out and judging by the effect alone it absolutely does


What is Amara’s?

oooo, that is interesting!

Although, would work better with phasecast than the new skill, it would seem

Looking forward to playing around with Moze and Amara’s new trees!

My initial thought is that it simply resets cooldown, as in it only works while on cooldown, doesn’t reset fuel.

Yeah I’d interpret the description as being that the action skill is reset while in the process of cooldown, and not while the action skill is active. Otherwise why bother with any skills to do with boosting fuel-efficiency?

While I think Fl4k got shafted harder than anyone else when it comes to the new class mods, Moze is next on that list despite not knowing what the 3rd bonus skill is. At best, this class mod just seems like something you momentarily swap in to get rid of cooldown and then swap back out for a better class mod whether it’s for Moze on-foot or for Iron Bear/Cub.

Even if you’re piloting Iron Bear and assuming you’re sticking with the COM, cooldown shouldn’t really be an issue if you know when to exit Bear and score kills with Auto Bear active so that you can pilot again almost immediately. That’s not including if you’ve got Topped Off activated.

This class mod makes more sense with Iron Cub but even then, Cub was doing noticeably less damage than Fl4k’s pets in video footage. And if the special effect is to reset the action skill, then why on Pandora is Nitrotrinadium Engines one of the featured bonus skills on the class mod?! If you can just get Bear/Cub back in mere seconds after the action skill ends anyway, then there’s no need to invest in skills that either boost fuel-efficiency or cooldown rate.

Moze would’ve been far better off with other stuff, like a class mod that actually allows her affinity with incendiary damage to be useful, such as suffering no damage penalties against enemies with shields or armour. Or something crazy like having two Iron Cubs at once, kind of like Axton’s Gemini capstone from BL2. But no, Gearbox insisted on designing a class mod where despite being intended for the new skill tree, the special effect invalidates almost half of all the new skills.


Amaras final class mod in the final dlc of the game:

  • Goddess : When Amara is the selected character, all enemies instantly die. Amara gains five thousand stacks of lol. For each stack of lol, Amara gains 100% bonus splash damage, bonus melee damage, bonus gun damage, movement speed, reload speed, aim speed, ammo capacity. When Amara activates her action skill, she summons a random raid boss from Borderlands 2 to fight by her side for 10 years. For each enemy that Amara kills, Amara shrinks in size.

I’m not sure about this mod. It seems like something you’d swap to only when Iron Cub is on cooldown. Maybe it can be used with Baby Nukes (if the augment does enough damage) and a weapon that causes Iron Cub to destroy itself with self-damage (if it can do that).

I’d rather use Flare with the purple skill tree and Iron Cub. The fuel return on ignition should work well with it and we might not even need a lot of points in that in practice.

That said, can’t really judge without knowing whether new artifacts and shields change the way Moze can be played.

Just judging by the language being used, it seems like it will be a constant uptime thing, like Zanes sentinel. Not a post use cooldown.

I think it will be very powerful.

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