Moze new dlc class mod(sapper) drop rate issue

It seems the FL4K class mod has been dropping for Moze instead of her own class mod from the 2nd dlc bosses.

I also heard people say that FL4K has been getting Moze class mod instead as well.


I’m having that issue. The only way I’ve been able to get a Moze mod is by playing as another character. As Moze, I get a lot of FL4K mods, with a few Zane and Amara.


I am also having the same issue. All the new class mods are all FL4K
I farmed armach in cursehaven this week for 5+ hours never got a single moze mod. Just FL4k over and over.


Same here with Moze - Sapper Mod - is Ultra Rare…

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update: 100+, still and issue. I’ve farmed 75+ bosses and no Moze sapper mod drop…

If you have a FL4K character, suggest using him. It appears he’s getting all the Moze mods.

Not everyone has a second max level character though.

same thing happening to me, and playing with moze and have been farming amarch for around 15 minutes and got at least 5 FL4K class mods, but zero for moze =/
edit: also tried farm eista the invincible some weeks ago and same thing happened, a bunch of fl4k mods,and zero for moze

Can confirm a total of 50+ runs on each of the following as Moze: Eista, Amach, Tom/Xam and others even as of September 2020, still haven’t found a single Sapper class mod while farming as Moze.

It’s been over half a year since this DLC and the drop rate still isn’t fixed to farm/acquire a class mod correlating to the very character that can equip it? o_O

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Have been running around Xylourgos for hours for a number of days. Also farming Eista, Tom/Xam and Amach and trying to hit every boss, named enemy, chests, occult hunts, you name it. No Sapper drops whatsoever. I’ve gotten plenty of drops for all of the other characters but not one Sapper. And, to be quite honest, of all of the runs, I’ve only gotten 2 other Moze class mods total. Can someone confirm whether the entire mod drop rate is broken or is it just me (and if just me, can someone advise if I should submit a help ticket)?

I finished playing the DLC yesterday and have been farming on PC for the past 3 hours.

I got a ton of Moze legendary class mods while playing (Mayhem 7), but not a single Sapper. Estimates based on my vault:

Bear Trooper: 4
Blast Master: 3
Bloodletter: 2
Mind Sweeper: 4
Raging Bear: 2
Rocketeer: 1

There’s probably a few more since I sold some of the ones with bad rolls.

I’ve also gotten ~5-8 class mods for other classes as well. Mostly Fl4k and Zane. Not sure if any of them are DLC specific or not.

But not a single Sapper. At this point, I think it must be bugged.