Moze New Skill Tree


Iron Cub:

Moze summons Iron Cub in place of Iron Bear. Iron Cub equips two of whatever weapon is equipped in the remaining Action Skill slot. While deployed, Iron Cub follows Moze and will target and attack enemies for the duration.
Skills that affect Iron Bear affect Iron Cub. Iron Cub still uses Fuel, but uses less of it and deals less damage (because it’s smaller).


Fuel for the Fire: (Tier 2)
Whenever Moze or Iron Cub inflicts a Status Effect on an enemy, Iron Cub’s armor is restored.
Armor Restored: 12% of Max Armor

Baby Nukes: (Tier 3)
Whenever Iron Cub is deployed or destroyed, it triggers a nuclear explosion, dealing massive Radiation Damage.
Damage: 33179

My Little Friend: (Tier 4)
Iron Cub spawns with an Incendiary Vladof Assault Rifle in addition to Iron Cub’s other weapons.

Efficiency Engine: (Tier 5)
Moze gains increased Gun Damage. The longer Iron Cub has been active, the greater the bonus.
Gun Damage: +0.5% per Second



Biofuel: (5 Points)
Whenever Moze or Iron Bear ignites an enemy, they both regenerate health for a short time.
Moze Health Regen: Up to 0.7% - 1.4% - 2.1% - 2.8% - 3.5% per Second
Iron Bear Health Regen: Up to 0.5% - 1% - 1.5% - 2% - 2.5% per Second
Duration: 8 Seconds

Big Surplus: (3 Points)
While Moze’s Action Skill is cooling down, she deals bonus Incendiary Damage.
Bonus Incendiary Damage: 5% - 10% - 15% of Gun Damage

Really Big Guns: (5 Points)
Iron Bear gains increased Damage.
Iron Bear Damage: 4% - 8% - 12% - 16% - 20%


Double Time: (3 Points)
While Moze’s Action Skill is active, she and Iron Bear gain increased Movement Speed.
Movement Speed: 4% - 8% - 12%

Harmonious Havoc: (5 Points)
Moze gains increased Gun Damage for each weapon, shield, and grenade that matches the element of her gun.
Gun Damage: 2% - 4% - 6% - 8% - 10% per Matching Item

Explosive Fury: (3 Points)
Moze and Iron Bear gain increased Status Effect Damage and Status Effect Chance.
Status Effect Damage: 9% - 18% - 27%
Status Effect Chance: 5% - 10% - 15%


Fired Up: (1 Point)
Whenever Moze or Iron Bear applies a Status Effect to an enemy, she gains increased Fire Rate for a short time. This effect stacks.
Fire Rate: 5%
Duration: 12 seconds
Max Stacks: 5


Nitrotrinadium Engines: (5 Points)
Iron Bear gains increased Maximum Fuel and Action Skill Cooldown Rate.
Maximum Fuel: 5% - 10% - 15% - 20% - 25%
A.S.C.R: 4% - 8% - 12% - 16% - 20%

Never Going to Give You Up: (5 Points)
Whenever Moze or Iron Bear applies a Status Effect to an enemy, Iron Bear gains Fuel. This skill has diminishing returns.
Fuel Returned: Up to 5% - 10% - 15% - 20% - 25%


Feature Creep: (1 Point)
Iron Bear gains increased Damage and Damage Resistance.
Iron Bear Damage: 18%
Iron Bear Damage Resistance: 45%

Limit Break:(3 Points)
Moze gains increased Action Skill Cooldown Rate whenever she or Iron Bear inflicts a Status Effect on an enemy. This effect stacks.
A.S.C: 4% - 8% - 12%
Duration: 12 seconds
Max Stacks: 10

Superior Firepower: (1 Point)
Whenever Moze or Iron Bear inflicts a Status Effect on an enemy, they gain increased Status Effect Damage.
Status Effect Damage: 20%
Duration: 8 Seconds
Stacks: 5


Running on Fumes: (1 Point)
Whenever Moze or Iron Bear ignites an enemy, Iron Bear does not consume fuel for a short time.
Running on Fumes Duration: 6 Seconds

This Skill Tree is only available to owners of Borderlands 3: Designer’s Cut.

Designer’s Cut Release Date: NOVEMBER 10, 2020

Borderlands 3 skill tree details are subject to change.

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Is this still considered spoiler when it’s already shown in Twitch and I’d consider it a spoiler if you released it before the appointed date.

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Eh guess you’re right👍.

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Without knowing much about the new coms and no access to actual gameplay, here’s my Iron Cub build. The goal:

  • Play hybrid
  • Take advantage of the blue tree and the new tree capstones
  • Flipper/Plaguebearer/Beacon
  • new com, Mind Sweeper com, Blast Master com
  • Pearl, AoE/Grenade artifacts
  • CH, Iron Cub anoints (Vanquisher probably)


Iron Cub focused build

  • Use the new capstone
  • Maximize Iron Cub damage and duration
  • Moze is slightly weaker (meaning less Blue tree skills) or maybe it’s the same strength with the new tree (I can’t confirm)
  • Green Monster com (for DoT), Raging Bear (does it work on IC), Flare (same question)

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All the way Iron Cub build

  • No idea how this will play
  • All the way Bear Mother skill tree

I wouldn’t consider it a spoiler because

  1. Anyone who clicked on that title really only got themselves to blame if they wanted to avoid spoilers and
  2. The new skill trees (an a quick breakdown of them) are already on the official Borderlands website.

I may use the new tree to re-try my Green Monster Forge build. All the increased Status effect damage might be nice.

im not a huge fan
they like “moze didnt have any elemental effect skills yet…lets put everything in this skilltree hahahah” xD
and again incendiary exclusive skills
but i really just need iron cub and i’m fine :smiley:

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Been hoping to see a class mod that allows me to focus on incendiary carnage, instead i get a whole skill tree to mess around with. Sweet!


Incendiary is the main skill focus but the new skills boost them all. It could help Moze take advantage of Green Monster better as well as elemental anointments.

I do find it funny that the whole tree is based around the April Fool’s version of IB, though. Lol.


It seems so, at least from what i can tell from the multiple streamings i watched today.

Im kinda worried that out of all 4 skill trees that were shown, Moze’s seems to be the one with the most problems.
Phalanx of Doctrine works only on IC left arm.
Iron cub AI seems off, it doesnt target enemies unless they shot at him and sometimes he just stands there doing nothing. (Can you command him? To attack a certain enemy?)
Stainless steel bear is boosting its damage.
It doesnt get mayhem scaling or Action skill damage.
Hopefully this last part means that they are still trying to make it a little more balance that it counterpart Big Bear.

Probably all or most of these issues will get fixed by november 10, fingers crossed.

Another thing new anointments for Bears hardpoints, ive only seen a few so far but it looks like all have the same value **100%**more X damage.
Does anyone saw the other new anointments?

I wonder if Gbx has plans for Status effect damage and found a way to make it meaningful on higher mayhem level, maybe this will open up a place for the 500% elemental crit builds.


yea i mean, i like general elemental damage boosts
just the incendiary exclusive skills i refuse to spec into
when i am fighting a huge bot, i do not want to shoot him with incendiary damage and always see the “resistant, resistant, resistant” popping up
when i fight a bot, i wanna use corrosive, when i fight an organic enemy, i am using incendiary


I was hoping the new skill tree would have bonus cryo or corrosive dmg instead.

Tier 1 skills seem fine, although Big Surplus sounds like a one-point wonder to me, just like FitSD was before it got Mayhem-scaling. Double Time is definitely the best tier 2 skill.

Harmonious Havoc on paper sounds like a skill that should’ve been allocated to Amara’s 4th skill tree instead considering her insane new capstone. Unless you’re going for an all-incendiary or Flesh Melter build, I’m not really sure HH is worth the skill points, it’s not as if Moze was ever lacking options on accumulating tons of gun damage.

Explosive Fury seems kind of redundant for two reasons: there’s a tier 5 skill that increases DOT damage (and yields more of it) and history has shown us that Borderlands maths with status effect chance is not great, especially with very low numbers where it’s only 15% increased chance for 3 skill points. By tier 3, I’d have 5/5 in both Biofuel and Really Big Guns, 3/3 in Double Time, 1/3 in Big Surplus and obviously Fired Up.

Nitrotrinadium Engines is definitely worth maxing out - increasing the fuel tank capacity is the #1 stat boost to get more Bear uptime, and you get cooldown rate thrown in as a bonus. Never Going to Give You Up gives the impression that it’s a no-brainer to max out, but if it’s incendiary DOTs that are inflicted then they’ll trigger the capstone as well. And just like with Deadlines, if you get a lot of kills or inflict status effects when the fuel tank is almost full, you won’t get much value from your refunds and you’ll be eating through those diminishing returns rapidly. That’s assuming you’re piloting Bear which would burn fuel quicker anyway. If it’s Cub instead, then 5/5 would be 100% overkill and not worth the points in my mind.

Feature Creep is a no-brainer for 1 point, as is Superior Firepower. I’m curious about Limit Break though. It states ‘Moze gains increased Action Skill Cooldown Rate whenever she or Iron Bear inflicts a Status Effect on an enemy’ so if Bear/Cub can trigger it, does that mean Limit Break functions similarly to Salvador’s Get Some in BL2?

I’d have 5/5 in NE but only 3/5 for NGtGYU, and a point each for the single-point skills. I’m erring on the side of caution for now by assuming that Limit Break does not cycle through cooldown while either Bear or Cub are active. And at last, Moze gets a capstone that’s relevant to Bear!

While Moze’s 4th skill tree is not quite as impressive as Amara’s or Zane’s from my perspective, I don’t think it’s as game-breaking either which I believe is kind of what Moze needs more than anything else right now from a new skill tree. Things were definitely getting quieter in these forums since her two best options are either pilot Bear or invest everything into Short Fuse + FitSD. There’s also the great unknown which is what the new class mods will allow us to do, they might even change perspectives on some of the skills in the new tree.


The cooldown resets when Iron Cub’s fuel runs out, so the cooldown will only be useful when it’s down. It doesn’t progress (as far as I can see) except with Grizzled (which can keep Big Surplus active all the time) but the progress for Grizzled is lost when the skill ends.

Auto Bear also works with Iron Cub - the cooldown becomes active then.

But how is it going to Interact with Maliwan dual element guns? Because Beacon and Flipper are basically the Meta.

What I can see is a Bearzerker setup with the Flare COM on top of it, and this can be amazing.

Also, Iron Cub is basically there for the 150% grenade ASA anoint as it is what was missing for a grenadier Moze. Pretty much like people went for Megavore but the AS remained Fade Away.

The concept is good in my opinion, as it opens ASA anointed gear for Moze and supports the other trees at the same time. The DoT thing is strange at first but Moze can deal incendiary damage based on her gun damage.
Dont know how the math is made, but even the Status Effect skills have potential to add to Moze gameplay and not only be a sub par skill.

Does the “Novas while Action Skill Active” anoint scale with Mayhem, and does it reactivate when switching weapons? If so, might be interesting on Moze with splash bonuses and whatnot since the 200% Damage one doesn’t remain active when weapons are swapped.

I’m not sure how that would work but my best guess would be in the event that it doesn’t count the current element it has switched on, it would probably only count the primary element that dropped with the weapon in question. As for the concept of the skill itself, I’ve done quite a bit of testing with Flesh Melter builds recently and even with bonus corrosive damage in abundance, there are a few stubborn enemies that demand you match elements with them. 60% gun damage is nowhere near close to compensating for not matching elements, not by a long shot. The only way I could see this skill making sense is if Moze’s new legendary class mod has a special effect similar to Amara’s new capstone but for incendiary damage.

Let’s assume we have an SMG where the card states it has 15% chance to inflict the weapon’s status effect. In an ideal world and how most people would think it works if they only went by what the card says, the bonus chance would be additive so 15% + 15% would make 30%.

Unfortunately, the reality is a lot more depressing because if it’s anything like how it was calculated in BL2, then what you’re really getting is a bonus 15% of the 15% chance, which would equate to 17.25% instead of the 30% we all wish it would be. In BL2, Krieg’s tier 1 Hellborn skill acknowledged this little maths problem by making 5/5 investment yield +200% increased status effect chance. And with a tier 5 skill where one stack alone gets you 20% extra DOT damage and only costs 1 skill point, it makes Explosive Fury look really uneconomical for skill points.

What exactly is working on AB with IC?