Moze New Skill Tree

No, that anoint does not get mayhem scaling and it also doesnt reactive when you swap back, unfortunately.

Yeah, but this is why I talked about Maliwan guns. With them you can get the full skill boost and still match elements by switching it.

Anyway, I am not saying the skill is great or anything like this.

Sorry, the math I was talking about is the DoT coming from skills like Experimental Munitions or the new ones like Big Surplus, but it could make skills such as Superior Firepower and Explosive Fury good instead of sub-par because their damage is based on gun damage instead of the gun card.

Didn’t you notice that cub bear is from April’s fool the only difference was you could enter cub bear then .

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it was smaller then

Maybe but it’s the first thing that came to mind when I saw it . I remember that day and when I jump into ib it blew my mind because everything was so large but still did the same damage .

Is it just me or Selfless Vengeance seems a more solid choice to go down the tree now?

Also, by messing around with the skill tree builder I get the impression that the builds now are going to be less generic, more focused.

I dont have points to get Drowning in Brass and Scorching RPM’s if I get Fired Up, as an example.
What is amazing, imo.

This will be my initial setup, following most of what meta builds do. Not much changes, but I am happy to tune it to work better.

And this would be the setting for a more heavily invested purple build. I personally like the big suit of a bear, but having a pet bear definitely would be a nice change.

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I think it does get mayhem and its pretty good on moze. Not a boss killer but good for mobbing with an aoe roll in your artifact

The skill tree looks amazing and is exactly what moze need.

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IC gets 15 seconds as a “turret” when his fuel meter empties, same as Iron Bear.


Oh really. Nice

K6 was simply using IC as a way to constantly proc status effrects with a salamander…

Didn’t give a hoot whether IC killed anything…

But with a Flair, a Pearl or an Elemental projector and a couple of the new skills, his gun damage was off the charts.

Trick was to simply keep cub out and keep him applying a status effect.


I am disappointed we don’t have an attack command like Fl4k’s pet.
I want to command Iron Cub to attack enemies just like Fl4k.

Also, the capstone is kinda weak compared to Amara. (Amara new capstone is powerful)

Capstone vs capstone comparison – I agree with you, but at the end of the day if both trees are built on a certain way, they can melt enemies really quick.

If you ask me I’d prefer a more emphatic capstone for Moze like call a giant Wotan mech for 10 seconds.

Two things I am curious of:

  • IC can take advantage of grenades with when damage, throw a free gren 20% of the time?

  • Can we do an IC skill activate and spam that IC nuclear augment? The description says it does MASSIVE RADIATION DAMAGE

The 20% grenade anoint works with IC. I would rather use the grenade damage ASA with it though.

Yeah ASA is better but the 20% might be an interesting fun build.

With the new skill tree having several effects that trigger off of causing DOT damage, i wonder if hammerdown protocol will be better. Hit a whole field with rad damage for a lot of skill triggers.


I’m contemplating converting my nuclear winter shotgun build into a cub build for that exact reason - Hammerdown Protocol x2 without having to re-proc Auto Bear every 15 seconds would make it so easy to proc status effects without breaking the flow of the game. And Efficiency Engine in time would make up for not having any gun damage investment in the SoR tree.

However, Joltz in his video on Moze’s new tree did state that Running on Fumes only seems to halt passive fuel consumption. He provided video evidence that Cub was still consuming fuel with his weapons despite the capstone being active. I don’t know if that’s intentional but if it is, it takes the shine off of the capstone a lot.

In the same video evidence, Cub was burning a LOT of fuel quite quickly with dual incendiary railguns just to slowly tickle skag pups to death. I know people have already mentioned Cub’s DPS is nothing to speak of but outside of proccing both NGtGYU and the capstone, its alleged improved fuel-efficiency wasn’t showing either which is rather concerning.

One thing I am thinking about is the nova on crit anointed Facepuncher with an Elemental Stone Commander Planetoid or an Unleash the Dragon.
Maybe some elemental guns with higher than average DoT values could show up?