Moze Ninja Nerf?

Last night I was farming slaughterhouse having a blast getting lotsa loot and exp with moze.
Today I log on to farm slaughter house my build is completely wrecked.
Storm Front no longer procs Means of Destruction, pull the holy pin or vampyr.
Kinda lets the air out of the sails for the bloody harvest event.

Hopefully this is a bug since it was not mentioned in any of the patch notes.


A little late to the party lol

More of a kick to the nuts than a party.

He meant that the issue has already been raised (especially since some XBox users have had the update since last night). There’s a thread for this over in the Moze section. Apparently it still procs on some things but not others.

Edit: Actually, several threads on it. Closing this one - please continue any discussion in a likely thread here:

It’s cool. I can understand wanting to balance some builds. If it is intended I wish storm front could still proc the vampyr skill for sustain when fighting up close. In return not proccing means of destruction would make it were you had to be more selective and not spamming.