Moze no-nuke-reload-glitch

So, I invested in the nuke and WOW, I love it. Never had a problem with it until I got the short Fuse skill. Now 90% of the time my Iron Bear won’t reload the nuke. I climb in, plant a nuke in a poor souls face and then I can’t use it anymore… The reload animation doesn’t happen and the nuke icon on the screen stays red. I’ll respec later todayto see if it helps, but if anyone else has had this experience your input would be helpfull. I’m on Xbox one X.


I have had the same issue since I have unlocked the perks. Happens like 90% during multiplayer I would say 75% single player. It essentially makes my bear useless.

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Are you still having this problem? Cuz I have not been able to trigger this since a week back… I started a ticket and now I can’t recreate the problem. Typical…

ya ive had this done to me as well i think its from frame rate loss. ie too much stuff going on

I have this issue on ps4 and only on multiplayer (proving grounds) and I’m not sure as to why.

I know this is old but I am having this issue as well was it ever fixed?

Not what you are reporting (exactly), but I had Ruby’s Wrath refuse to reload (multiplayer) and I’m almost certain that a Baby Maker ++ I was/have been running has on some occasions refused to reload, though I wasn’t able to catch it as blatantly as I was the Ruby’s Wrath rocket launcher with my Moze.

I am having the nuke not reloading issue with iron bear.

I am also having this glitch, but on PC!!! and have had it since I started getting into higher levels with Moze!