Moze or Fl4k for endgame?

Hi guys, I originally picked up Zane, but seeing as his endgame dps potential will be the worst out of the four, I decided to switch to the two I just mentioned.

Which of the two actually provide top end dps? I like fast mobile characters that can output high dps!

We don’t even know what the end game looks like yet plus the game hasn’t even been out a week. Give it time.


Seems like FL4K. I haven’t gotten the chance to test it yet, but it seems his Crit build with King/Queen’s Call legendary from the last boss is the fastest boss killer… aside from Porcelain Pipe Bomb.

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Fl4k crit build is godly and moze and clear mobs and most bosses with her Grenade build, using lightning hex and a transformer.

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Oho okay thanks.

Is it true that Zane DPS potential is bad?

Flak fade build wreck bosses and other things…

Amara… okay, now to the two you ask about.

I want to say FL4K simply because a lot of Moze’s damage potential is measured by mob kills. She either needs to keep stacks of Phalanx up or she relies on splash damage. From my experience farming the bosses thus far I can say that mobs only really appear once you get downed. That means no building up Phalanx stacks for damage. And Splash damage may have AoE, but it still only deals damage once per enemy.

FL4K on the other hand doesn’t require kills to keep damage up. So long as they can get off a cast of Rakk Attack while they have The Power Inside they can have a 25-50% boost in damage. No kills required AND the rakks deal damage themselves on top of that 15 second damage boost. If you want damage, go FL4K. Want survivability?.. still FL4K. The best defense is a good offence.

Amara’s my main (Still leveling the others past the campaign, which is a schlep) but have you played Mayhem 3 with her? With the random elemental swapping because of modifiers (And the fact only Shock is effective against Shields) I don’t find her very endgame viable… unless you cycle through modifiers over and over to get a desirable one.

I started with Zane too and have since leveled everyone to 10 to try to pick one. Fl4k seems like he would get old fairly quickly doing that invis shot shot shot over and over and over. But if dps is what you want, he seems to be the favorite. I guess I’ve narrowed it down to just going with Zane because he’s interesting and accept the lackluster dps or Amara and be a spellcaster support CC person. I have no desire to spam the melee button 10000’s times and see the one punch animation. I hate gun melee attacks even more lol. Hopefully, her other builds are more interesting and still good late game.

I’m running a FotE+Brawl build so the worst thing that could happen to me is a reduction to ALL elemental damage. Otherwise I just swap to another element since I have access to all of them. If I do end up encountering a reduction is all elemental damage then yea. Porting out then back in isn’t too much of a hassle IMO.

FL4K is held up as the #1 boss killer, and for good reason, but it’s up to you to determine what your priorities are in endgame.

I have him around 45 or so and, while the single target damage is truly top notch, I’m getting a little tired of feeling so squishy all the time. I’m considering Moze or Amara as my next project simply because I like being able to soak up at least some damage.

FL4K has plenty of ways to survive, don’t get me wrong, but I enjoy having a solid degree of passive toughness in a build. The only way he can really get a substantial amount of that is through the Master tree, which has by far the lowest damage output of them all.

While he’s not a bad choice by any means, I don’t know if the novelty of instantly killing bosses is worth the slog while mobbing for me.

I haven’t played Moze yet, but possibly FL4K. Only because FL4K has a build based all around critical hits. Chance at double shot + chance at crit regardless of where you shot + free ammo based on crits. There’s also a fair number of anointed weapons that give you a large boost to damage or crits after you’ve hit an enemy with Rakks.

Started on FL4K recently. Started game with Moze and hit 50… As is at the moment she appear to be wrecking everything though a fair amount of it may be the weapons I’m using. I’m not using Pipe Bomb atm. I’ve been using a legendary Jackob’s AR with an alien barrel that is fire element. It fires full auto with a hand crank and restores 2 bullets and richochet’s 2 bullets on a critical hit. This causes stacking kill skill passives like Phalanx Doctrine to cap really fast. I also have a Legendary Torgue rocket launcher that when fired spawns additional rockets that swarm around the main one until they within a certain distance to a target. At which point they begin homing on the targets they pickup while the main one continues in it’s straight path. It’s literally demolished a boss in a couple shots and cleared an entire room in 1. It does use 4 ammo per shot.

Also currently I have her sitting on about 25K shields and a bit over 5K health.

The thing is though you do not use the Rakks on a crit build as you want the fade away for the garanteed crits it provide you as well as the extra survivability it gives.

Though I currently run a Master build, I do not kill as fast as I could but I am having more fun that way. As I find it pretty sattifying when my pet throws the enemy on the ground and chews it up and the horned Skag even looks great.

And my experience with Moze is pretty limited so can’t say how she works out in the end. I just like it that this topic proves there are different build possible for a lot of playstyles.

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Zane, with a clone build is anything but lackluster. Not only is he amazingly slippery, with a decent grenade mod and a decent amount of -cooldown, he is a mobile doomsday machine. Not as strong as Moze/Fl4k though.

Amara looks like she needs a buff. By the sounds of it, there is a bug that makes her augments far weaker than they should be.

Moze is extremely strong, nigh unkillable and can clear mobs really fast.

FL4K is just…somewhat OP in comparison to the others.

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Zane is a greater as a support if you use the area shield and a amp shield even more sharing with the team hope the game has the bee again hahaha

But no doubt Moze is the one that packs the hardest punch late game with bullet regeneration and etc…

Radiation is also very effective against shields in TVHM. 1.5x multiplier. Not as good as Shock’s 2.5x, but it’s a solid alternative if Shock is dampened by Mayhem.

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Where are those numbers from? In game menu shows it’s 1*

I would like to note, though, that I don’t know the legitimacy of bahroo’s “research.” It may or may not be accurate.

Well taking that people are already in M3, people certainly know what the end game looks like at this particular time.