Moze personality

Moze personality seems a little dull. She was the first character I chose & was hoping for something a bit more…Russian. She is a Vladof soldier. Her design & skills are great. But 37 hours with Moze & she did only make me laugh once…just a bit dissatisfied with her in that regard. Thoughts&/or opinions.

I think her character fits the stereotypical russian, weather that fits the game or not is a different story =D

She has an American accent. Kinda wish it was Russian.


I mean, she’s kind of the same cookie-cutter soldier class that Roland and axton were. You’ve got the one-liners, adequately updated for 2019, you’ve got the occasional bit of dark humor(alive again?! I can’t afford these respawns!) with a small dash of humanity so we don’t wonder why she hasn’t simply robbed/murdered/generally betrayed the weakened Crimson Raiders like a mercenary actually would
As with Roland, she’ll get her real personality in bl4

She definitely feels generic. When I thought about the playable characters least likely to be featured in BL4 she topped the list. Possible exception if they want to play with NPC Iron Bear. Zane’s personality is very unique and he stands out, but I’d put him next on the chopping block over FL4K. They’re close, though. Amara gets a free pass because she’s a Siren and there’s a limiting cap on those, so the story has to manage their numbers to allow for new playable Sirens.

Although Moze is relatively reserved, I do appreciate that none of her stuff annoys me. No Gaige “I’m taking damage over time” screams and the like. I honestly prefer her style to brash overconfidence. Kinda gives a “I have no need to prove anything to you” vibe. Given her extensive soldier background it makes sense that she isn’t as wildly expressive as someone like Amara or Salvador.

Yeah, I like her more subdued attitude. She sort of reminds me of Maya in BL2. She’s definitely not as bland as Axton at the very least and she doesn’t have any annoying qualities. I don’t know if I’m going crazy but I feel like Moze also loosens up a bit the further you get into the game. I don’t know if they add new callouts over time or if it’s completely RNG but she has started making jokes whereas before she was all business. Even her quest dialogue has loosened up a bit. Like she’s gone from a by the books soldier to an ex-soldier that’s starting to really enjoy being a vault hunter.


Seriously? I thought she would be fun like necromancer. Having second thoughts on my next playthrough as her.